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Here are some highlights:

What does Yogi’s spot on the team depend on? Just D Will/Barea? Or could he be sticking around longer even when some guys get healthy?

Sefko: Hard to see the Mavericks letting him go now. Right now they have 15 guys, and while you never know who might get bought out or released that could help, the way the guards have been dropping like flies this season to injury, you probably want to keep him around as a security blanket if nothing else. And who knows, sometimes kids like that only need a break to show they have what it takes to be a regular contributor.

What were your first impressions of Yogi Ferrell?

Sefko: Outrageously good. As mentioned above, he’s already earned his keep in one game. If a minimum salary guy helps you win one game you weren’t expected to win, he’s justified his existence. But from the vibe I’m getting, this guy has a little more to offer than just one game. He’s going to make mistakes. All rookies do. But he doesn’t seem to have any fear in him and he’s already getting the respect in the locker room.

Of the teams vying for the West’s No. 8 seed (Denver, Portland, Sacramento, New Orleans, Minnesota), would you say any of those are absolutely better than Dallas (the way it’s playing) right now?

Sefko: The truth is I don’t particularly like any of those teams. They all have flaws. You would think Portland would get things together and make a push. But that’s no guarantee. New Orleans can’t stay healthy. Denver, Sac, Minny? No thank you. The Mavericks are as good as any of them, but that miserable start put them way, way behind the 8 ball.

Do you think Justin ’s recent hot streak has increased his trade value? If that’s the case, would it be wise for the Mavs to sell high?

Sefko: You always want to sell high and I can assure you if there is any blockbuster out there (and I’m hearing it’s very unlikely), Anderson jersey cheap would have to be a piece of the outgoing package. He’s got talent and athleticism and a good motor. All he needs is consistency and a clear role. One could lead to the other.

Do you think Hammons and Brussino can make a serious contribution to the team next season?

Sefko: Not ready to jump in on that one. I don’t think Hammons is far enough along and while playing in the D League is helpful, there aren’t a lot of quality big men roaming Cheap NBA Jerseys
around in that league. If you’re 6 11 or taller and can play, you’re in the NBA. As for Brussino, once he conquers the language, and he’s making strides there, he’ll get a bigger shot to contribute. He needs a summer in the weight room and playing in the summer league would do wonders for him. I can tell you the Mavericks think highly of his potential ceiling.

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