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In this country, soccer is still seen mainly as a game played by suburban kids who eventually outgrow it and take up traditional American sports such as golf and shopping. That was pretty much my experience. I first played soccer in elementary school gym class, where we had 42 players per side and could kick the ball for an entire academic year without scoring a goal. In college I played intramural soccer, but only because we were required to do a sport, and intramural soccer posed the least threat of exercise. This was in the ’60s (if you catch my meaning) and our soccer games consisted of guys standing around the field in random mellow clots having philosophical discussions about topics such as Jimi Hendrix. Every now and then the ball might roll past your clot; if it got close enough, you might try to kick it to one of the other clots, but you would never consider actually running after it.

Talk about a party. I’ve been to the Olympics, World soccer jerseys cheap Series and Super Bowls. Compared to the World Cup, these events are a meeting of the Des Moines Rotary Club. The World Cup causes entire nations to go insane. Scotland, for example. Scotland qualified for the 1998 World Cup, and although the Scottish team was not favored to win, the Scottish fans blew away all other nations in the competition for the title of Most Alcohol Consumed by Men Wearing Traditional Highland Costumes and No Underpants. You knew this because they would frequently entertain the public with mass kilt liftings. They also serenaded crowds on subways with World Cup themed songs, including one, set to the tune of Winter Wonderland, declaring that Brazilian soccer superstar Ronaldo was . OK, I can’t tell you in a family newspaper, but it was not complimentary.

The Scots made up this song because Scotland’s first match in 1998 was against Brazil, a soccer superpower. Scotland playing Brazil is like Justin Bieber fighting Mike Tyson. But this didn’t deter the Scottish fans at all; they had their national pride, plus their traditional attire, plus a really funny obscene song, plus an Cheap Jerseys
unbelievable tolerance for alcohol. They were in France to represent their country, a proud posse of kilted, mooning maniacs. Despite the fact that their team did not win a single match, they kept right on representing it. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them are still over there.

And that was just one country. There were 31 other teams, and their fans were just as enthusiastic, by which I mean unhinged. For a month they traveled to matches all over France, and every match was a huge party. My son and I were in Marseille during a Holland Argentina match; we didn’t have tickets to get into the stadium, so we watched on the beach, where giant TV screens had been set up among the French bathers. There were thousands of screaming, singing, dancing face painted Dutch and Argentine fans, and I can honestly say it was one of the most exciting sporting events I have ever seen, because a LOT of the lady French bathers were topless. You’d go to the concession stand, and you’d turn around, and YOWZA there would be a lady French bather standing right behind you, acting as though she was not basically naked, which she was. I recall my son going to the concession stand numerous times.

I personally find the diving to be one of the more entertaining aspects of soccer, which is a wonderfully theatrical sport. But don’t be fooled by the histrionics: Soccer players are amazing athletes, playing a sport that requires extraordinary toughness and stamina and, at the international level, almost unbelievable skill. Scoring a goal in soccer is one of the most difficult feats in sports: Everything favors the defense, so the offensive players usually have to do something brilliant just to get off a halfway decent shot. That’s why there aren’t many goals. But that’s also why, when the goals do come, they tend to be spectacular. And because goals especially World Cup goals are so rare and valuable, the tension preceding them is often deliciously unbearable, leading to the cathartic moment GOOOOOOALLL that can cause an entire nation to erupt in joy, and plunge another into years of black despair.

I don’t care. team. plays its opening match against England, I know exactly where I’m going to be: watching my daughter’s dance recital. Really. Both events this is proof that God dislikes me personally are scheduled to start at the same time. And since my wife will be in South Africa covering the match, I’ll be in an auditorium watching dance performances by hundreds of girls, only a tiny percentage of whom are my daughter. This is the mature thing to do, and I made the decision willingly once it became clear that the alternative was divorce.

Stop yelling instructions from the sidelines

Pay attention the next time you’re around a youth soccer match. Observe how coaches and parents act differently depending on the scoreline. Listen to the chorus of “Pass! Shoot it! Move up! Be aggressive! Not in the middle!” When the score is close, the volume ramps up, but once a team is three or four goals ahead, both sides, resigned to the outcome, relax. If learning and fun were the main objective, why would we act differently when the “game is on the line.” The high pressured, screaming laden game I described in the first part of this series is unfortunately not uncommon.

As a parent, I’m starting to realize that, as much as I know intellectually about the consequences of parents’ behaviors on the sidelines, I’m already finding it hard to stay calm during my son’s games. Like all parents, I want my child to do well. I want him to enjoy soccer, and I don’t want him to feel embarrassed or upset if he doesn’t perform well. I’m also concerned about what other parents or coaches might think of me based on my child’s play. If he tries a flashy piece of skill will they think I didn’t teach him to share properly? What if he’s a little overly aggressive, or overly passive? What does that say about me as a parent?

Coaches are often under similar psychological stress. While many understand that sideline instruction can be detrimental, they are also under pressure from parents and club administrators. Uninformed parents expect coaches to be “sideline generals,” directing play like professional American sports coaches on television. If they sit quietly while the kids are making mistakes, what will the parents think? Likewise, if they intervene and direct the kids, they can improve the chances of their team Cheap Jerseys
winning. What would club administrators think if their club continues to lose to a local rival? Fearing that parents will move their best players across town to the winning club, coaches can feel pressured to produce immediate wins.

What just happened? By directing Suzie, the parent didn’t allow her to use her active decision making skills. She doesn’t get to fire those circuits in her brain that allow her to think quickly under pressure. Moreover, the coach just lost a great opportunity to evaluate how far Suzie has developed in her game understanding. Perhaps Suzie had been working on a new piece of skill and was prepared to take on the defender 1 on 1. The abilities to make decisions quickly and to attack in 1 on 1 situations are two of the most critical skills that separate Success jersey cheapful soccer players from the rest, and we just robbed Suzie of the opportunity to develop them both.

Coach B stays calm. He claps briefly and says to his team, “Don’t worry guys, keep working.” At halftime, he pulls Timmy aside and says, “That was a good idea to play back to the goalie when you were under pressure, but you got unlucky. What could you have done differently?” Timmy thinks for a second and says, “I should have stayed more calm and concentrated on following through the center of the ball with my pass like we worked on in practice.” The coach replies, “Bingo! Way to go. Next time you’re in the same situation, I want you to try that pass again.”

Former BYU soccer player Ashley Hatch excited to become professional

Hatch’s hard work paid off. She was a key member of a state champion soccer team in high school, and was the runner up for the player of the year in Arizona. There she received an offer to play for BYU. At college, her Success jersey cheap continued. She finished her senior year a 2016 first team All American and helped BYU reach the NCAA Sweet Sixteen. Hatch placed third in the NCAA in goals. Hatch was on track to lead the nation in goals until she took a two week hiatus to moonlight for the USWNT. Last October, she got her first cap at Rio Tinto Stadium in a friendly against Switzerland. Hatch called the experience awesome.

“I remember my first practice ever, I hated it,” Hatch said. “I thought you could just run wherever and chase the ball, but at age 8 they actually had positions and so my coach would say you have to stay inside and wait for the ball and I was so confused. I remember going home and telling my parents, ‘I don’t want to play soccer.’ It took some time to get good. I was fast though, and that really helped, and I would just try to run faster than everyone else. But my dad really worked with me to get good ball control and getting useful feet. My first season I didn’t score a single goal and I definitely wasn’t a natural. But I worked really hard and my second year I scored a bunch of goals and thought it was so much fun. It wasn’t from day one that I thought ‘oh, soccer is my destiny.'”

“I’ve always dreamt as a kid about how cool it would be to play professional soccer,” Hatch said. “But you always hear so many people putting that kind of dream down. In the back of my mind I always wanted to play professional Cheap Jerseys from China
soccer and I didn’t want it to slip by me and not trying hard and having that possibility come up and regret not working hard. It’s always been a dream of mine, and that’s why draft day was a dream come true for me. I am really glad that I believed in my gut feeling and kept working hard.”

“I would just say to Young jersey cheap fans,” Hatch said. “That whatever they want to achieve they can, but, if they want it, they have to put in the work. It’s not fair to want something and not put in the work. If they want to play for BYU, great, play for BYU, but you have to put in the work now and put in the extra work and the extra sprints, the extra touches, and sometimes it’s not fun, but if it’s what you really want you can make it fun. Don’t ever give up on your dreams and don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do anything.”

“It’s bittersweet leaving BYU,” Hatch said. “I will miss it a lot and I will miss a lot of my friends and teammates. Playing soccer at BYU I learned that life is a journey and you can make it what you want it to be. You can go full in and continue with that journey with a positive attitude and work through things or you can take the negative side and want to back off and because you are scared of what’s going to happen. I am excited to leave though and bring a little bit of BYU with me and hopefully show the world how great BYU is through my actions or what I do away from BYU.”

Why Stars’ Patrick Sharp is thankful for NHL’s efforts to change its culture on concussions

Five years ago, Patrick Sharp jersey cheap said, he would have returned to the game when he suffered a concussion like the one he suffered Oct. 20.

It would have been described as a “mild” concussion or not even as a concussion at all. That’s just what hockey players did. It’s what athletes did.

This time, though, the NHL’s new concussion protocol made Sharp sit out and also made him take serious stock in what had just happened. He missed 14 games and didn’t return until he was symptom free. It wasn’t easy while his team was struggling in the standings, but it was the right thing to do.

“When I took the hit, I assumed I was coming back into the game,” Sharp said. “Now that I look back on it and what happened, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t.”

Sharp was hit by Kings defenseman Brayden McNabb jersey cheap while skating up the wing. Although his chin did hit the board on his way to the ice, he said he didn’t really feel that the board or ice created a huge impact. Instead, he said the snapping of his neck at the moment of impact probably created a whiplash effect on his brain.

And over the next few weeks, he said, he displayed the classic signs of a concussion dizziness, nausea, light sensitivity. He would be better for a few days, and then the symptoms would return, and that was scary, he said.

“When you break a bone, you have a time frame and you know it’s going to heal,” Sharp said. ” The type of injury that I had, you hear some scary stories from around the league. You try to talk to former teammates, current teammates that have been through the same situation and get as much information as you can.”

Patrick Eaves jersey cheap jersey cheap is one of the best research guides when it comes to concussions. He had one in 2012 that kept him out of play for 15 months. During that span, his wife, Katie, took care of him and their 1 year old daughter. She also was pregnant.

“My wife got me through it,” Eaves said when he was nominated for the Masterton Trophy two years ago. “It was tough not being able to do the things like not being a father, not being a husband. Basically, it was nuts.”

And yet, he battled back to resume his career in 2013, and has even suffered concussions since. He said that the key is he has always followed the advice of doctors and trainers, and that he believes the NHL’s new protocol is working.

“I think that’s huge for us. I think we need that help,” Eaves said. “Guys want to play, but they need to realize that life is bigger than one game, and coming out is the best thing for you.”

The NHL last season put concussion spotters in Cheap Jerseys from China
each building and then added to that this season with central concussion spotters who watch games in a national video center and look for signs that a player might be concussed. After the hit Sharp took, he was quickly placed in the protocol.

“The knowledge now is in a whole new place,” Stars coach Lindy Ruff said. “They’re taking players out on any indication of a concussion. And there have been times when it isn’t, but I think you have to err on the side of player protection.”

Ruff said he was knocked out cold during his playing days and then returned and played the next day. That’s just how it was. The NHL is trying to change that culture by forcing players to sit down, and that’s something Sharp said he’s thankful for today.

“You try to read up as much as you can. You try to be as honest as you can be in the evaluation. But again, it’s kind of a guessing game and time is the ultimate healer,” said Sharp, who scored his first goal of the season Wednesday in his third game back from the concussion. “I’m thankful I was able to come out of it and feel healthy and strong.”