Benn brothers philosophical about trade that breaks them up

“It was pretty hectic. He was out of here pretty quick,” said. “He was just packing his bag and receiving phone calls. I just wished him good luck.”

But the Stars captain said he believes that his older brother could benefit from the separation.

“I told him that last night,” Jamie Benn jersey cheap said Tuesday morning. “Now he can be and not Jamie Benn jersey cheap’s brother. I think this is going to be great for him, and he can move on and move forward with his career. And I’m excited to see what happens with him.”

Jordie Benn jersey cheap has been one of the Stars’ more consistent depth defensemen for years, but fans have called him a product of nepotism. With Montreal acquiring Jordie Benn jersey cheap hoping he can help them win a Stanley Cup, it shows he has value with another organization. And even Jordie Benn jersey cheap admits that gives him an opportunity to prove himself.

“I get that a lot in Dallas, I’m hidden behind a superstar, which is true, my brother’s an amazing player.” Jordie Benn jersey cheap told the media in Montreal Tuesday. “So yeah, I just get to come here and I get to be Jo Benn, and not Jamie Benn jersey cheap’s brother.”

Still, the 300 plus games the two played together in Dallas were a dream come true. Jamie Benn jersey cheap was a fifth round draft pick in 2007 and started playing for the Stars in 2009. Jordie Benn jersey cheap moved in with his brother and started playing with the CHL’s Allen Americans. A strong run by Jordie in Allen created an opening with the AHL’s Texas Stars, and the older brother started his climb.

In 2011 12, he played Wholesale NHL Jerseys
three games with Dallas in the NHL. Then, 26 games the next season. Then, 78 in 2013 14. Through each season, he was supposed to be beat out by Young jersey cheaper defensemen. Through each season, he won the job.

It was an impressive display.

“He definitely worked his way up through the system, it was good to see,” Jamie Benn jersey cheap said. “He’s a hard working guy and he’s got a great opportunity to go win a cup on a great team in a great organization.”

Jordie Benn jersey cheap believes he can make his mark in Montreal.

“I skate well. I penalty kill. I’m physical when I can be. I just try and do what a stay at home D man is supposed to do, and that’s get the puck to the forwards and let them do the work,” Jordie Benn jersey cheap told Montreal media. “Obviously, I have personal ties with my brother being there, but we’re big boys now and we know what could happen. Hopefully, I can help the team win and hopefully I can play 300 or 400 games in Montreal. I’m just a kid living a dream and obviously to play in Montreal is pretty exciting.”

As for Jamie Benn jersey cheap, he has to help the Stars move forward through a disappointing season and help them get back on their feet before next year. He said his feeling Tuesday was thankful he and his brother were able to play together so long.

“It was fun while it lasted,” Benn said. “I wished him luck. He’s got a great opportunity going to Montreal and playing for a great team. We’re going to move forward here, and he’s going to move on.”

Of course, the schedule makers do have the Stars playing at Montreal on March 28. That would be the first time the Benn brothers face off against each other at any level of competition.

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