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We have Yogi mania here in the studio. There’s Yogi jerseys. Do we Yogi jersey up?

Grant: We don’t even have sound proofing on the walls, but what we do have is Rick Bozich of WDRB in Louisville, Kentucky. Also a longtime columnist at the Louisville Courier Journal. An expert on all things in the Louisville, Kentucky, Indiana area. What do we need to know about Yogi Ferrell that we don’t already know That he’s the savior to the Mavericks and future.

Rick Bozich: Well he’s been “on the radar” since he was in fifth grade, when he was the number one rated fifth grader in the country. He went to Park Tudor High School which never really won anything in high school basketball until he got there and won two state championships. Then he went to Indiana and played four years for Tom Crean.

Sherrington: I did not know he was the No. 1 rated fifth grader in the country . Has he grown any since then?

Bozich: He was always the smallest kid. That’s why people doubted him. They doubted him in high school because he played in the private school 2A level. Indiana Cheap Jerseys
basketball is like Texas high school football. If you don’t win the 4A (largest class) title people doubted you. Then when he went to Indiana people doubted him because of his size and doubted him obviously because he wasn’t drafted . Everybody in the NBA doubted him. He wanted to go pro after his junior year. He explored every possibility of going pro and all the feedback he got was: “You’re not going to get picked.”

I’ll give him credit. He went back to Indiana for his last year . Yogi really turned around for that team. He turned it around as a leader. He turned it around as a guy made big plays in the last four minutes of the game. He turned it around as a guy who got more people involved and he mainly turned it around by getting more guys to play defense. What he did last year I thought he was tremendously underrated on the national scene.

Horn: So are you surprised that we’re having this conversation right now? You’re not right about the impact he’s had?

Bozich: I’m not surprised he made his way into the league because he’s a winner. He won in high school. He won at IU. He’s sort of a throwback guy where he actually does enjoy being a point guard. The one thing he sort of became known for at IU is: Like most teams, IU has a private practice facility and they have those swipe cards where you can go in and practice whenever you want to and he sort of wore his swipe card out. This is a kid who’s whole life has been full of “can’t do.” Despite being very good, because of his size, people were always going to doubt him, so he has a work ethic.

Bozich: Well they got the guy who was kind of “Yogi” before Yogi. Jeremy Lin was a guy who came in and made a big splash out of the CBA. He trickled around the league and he’s there guy and they owe him money. Well, they burned a draft pick on Whitehead and whenever a management team drafts somebody that guy is going to get a hundred more chances than an undrafted free agent. It’s more about a team like Indiana, who got to see him play all year. Why didn’t they draft him in the second round? . It’s a bias against guys who aren’t big enough.

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