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“Charlie is a players’ coach with an edge; it’s the best way to describe him,” former Louisville running backs coach Kenny Carter told the Courier Journal.

Strong agreed: “You have to have a relationship with your players where they trust you. Then you can discipline them and they understand why. With young people, if they know you really care about them, then you’re going to get the best out of them.”

As did Ryan Stamper, a former Florida linebacker: “A players’ coach is a coach that all the players love, a lot of players can relate to. Coach Strong pretty much had it figured out when it came to getting players to play at their highest level. . He’d joke around with you . not always uptight about the game.”

8. He can dabCan’t all players’ coaches?

Strong and the Longhorns entered last year’s Red River Rivalry with a 1 4 record. Oklahoma who went on to compete in the College Football Playoffs came in undefeated at 4 0. Even so, the Longhorns bested the Sooners 24 17 in the contest. UT’s student newspaper, The Daily Texan, wrote about the matchup in a preweekend parody.

“It required ample creativity to enter this from china rivalry matchup with the lowest ranking in 59 years,” the Texan said. “We had the best minds of our generation exploring new ways to screw up a punt. That’s how committed we are to embarrassing you this Wholesale Jerseys
weekend. . Imagine how bad it will look on Saturday when your Top 10 team loses to a squad too busy releasing rap singles and tweeting to even hear the plays. It will be the biggest embarrassment since your parents told their friends where you were going for college.”

Strong has three children with wife Victoria: Tory, Hailee, Hope. According to the Courier Journal, he grew up in a household with 13 children, held together by two sisters: his mother, Delois Ramey, and his aunt Cardia. Strong’s father, Charles Sr., was a respected teacher in the northeast Arkansas town of Luxora, where an athletic club is named for him. Now, Strong’s oldest daughter Hailee is entering her sophomore year at UT.

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