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Mark Cuban says he sometimes looks out on the court and is amazed.

Sometimes, Harrison Barnes is the only Maverick on the court who was drafted. Sometimes it’s Dirk Nowitzki. Sometimes it’s Devin Harris.

“We’re playing with multiple 10 day contract guys,” Cuban said, referring to guard Quinn Cook and forward Ben Bentil. Also, Yogi Ferrell originally was signed to a 10 day contract in January and was such a that he was signed to a two year deal.

“It’s shocking in a lot of respects,” Cuban said. “But Cheap Jerseys
it’s rewarding, as well, and I’m excited. And you can feel it. I was playing pickup (basketball) yesterday and guys were actually wearing Mavs jerseys. I was like, ‘OK, I know you want a 10 day, but I appreciate the Mavs jerseys.’ “

The Mavericks’ recent surge, coupled with the offseason signings of Harrison Barnes and Seth Curry and the recent acquisition of Nerlens Noel have thrust Dallas into the conversation for NBA Executive of the Year Award consideration.

Prior to 2009, the award was presented by The Sporting News. Since then it’s been decided by a vote of 30 NBA general managers.

Traditionally, general managers receive the award, though in the 1992 93 season Phoenix owner/executive Jerry Colangelo received it.

During his 17 years as owner, Cuban has received much of the credit/blame for Mavericks personnel decisions, but when asked Tuesday which Mavs executive deserves the most credit for this season, Cuban didn’t hesitate.

“Donnie,” Cuban said of Mavericks president/GM Donnie Nelson. “No question. Donnie is the talent evaluator.

“I make the final business decision. It’s my job to manage the portfolio. But Donnie is the guy responsible for talent decisions. He’s the one who goes through the list.”

Cuban said special assistant Michael Finley, coach Rick Carlisle and the Mavericks’ analytics department also deserve credit for this season’s positive personnel moves.

“It’s a team effort,” Cuban said. “But Donnie’s the guy who asks the question: Would you put your (testicles) on the table for this guy? He has to make the final call.”

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