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Corbett Smith answered recruiting questions in a chat Tuesday. Here are some highliights.

Question: How will ad miller work out for OU?

Corbett Smith: To be honest, I didn’t know that’s where he ended up. I knew he’d decommitted from Illinois, disappointing former colleague and Illini grad David Just to be certain. Physically, he’s certainly one of the most college ready looking kids in DFW.

Question: Why do you think some guys switch in the final week? Is there some nefarious stuff going on here?

Corbett Smith: Talked with a HS coach about this today. There’s a lot of reasons why, but I think the biggest one is that for HS football, recruiting boils down to a single day. It’s not like Wholesale MLB Jerseys
basketball, where the process is more dispersed. The idea of a single signing day creates a horse trading aspect in the final weeks/days. College coaches are justifiably jockeying for players to the last minute. Their jobs depend on it.

Question: What are the biggest surprise commitment changes you’ve seen since Christmas?

Corbett Smith: I was surprised about Jamile Johnson moving away from his Texas commit, to be sure. It’s not often that UT loses many kids, especially to Texas Tech or a program of that kind.

Question: How Success jersey cheapful in general has hiring high school coaches to become recruiters (in essence) been? Is there one obvious story?

Corbett Smith: Look no further than the Dallas area for a big Success jersey cheap story. David Beaty went from North Dallas and Irving Mac to the college ranks. He was considered one of, if not the best recruiter of the DFW area while at A and just got hired as the HC at Kansas. He took with him Kenny Perry former Arlington Bowie coach who did a great job recruiting at TCU as his defensive coordinator.

Question: Everyone says Kyler Murray is a first round pick by MLB; A has lost recruits to baseball before. But how high? My guess is that’s going to be the biggest variable. If he goes early, that’s a lot of money to pass for a college QB spot that you could conceivably go back to if pro baseball doesn’t work out. There’s a pretty rich history of that in college FB.

Question: Who do you think Joey McGuire will commit to on Signing Day?

Corbett Smith: On signing day, McGuire is committed to getting his seniors a spot on a college team if they want to play football at the next level. After that, all bets are off.

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