NBA’s MVP Jerseys first look

Here are some highlights.

Have you decided on an NBA MVP so far? Really interesting race.

Tim Cowlishaw: I think it’s James Harden but it may come down to the last 10 games. The funny thing to me is there is such a different mindset about this compared to baseball. In baseball, the guy with the best stats wins, no matter the team’s record. So I assume Westbrook is the answer in a baseball world. But in the NBA, you are criticized for suggesting an MVP come from a mid level team. So that leaves it to Harden because Wholesale Jerseys
the Warriors all cancel each other. I suppose LeBron is the other consideration but given the transformation in Houston, it has to be Harden right now.

Sure seems like the Mavs are bound for the lottery, perhaps a top 10 pick. Who ya like to be their draft choice?

Tim Cowlishaw: Lots of draft predictions have them taking Arizona’s Lauri Markkanen. Hope I spelled that corrrectly. But maybe they just think the Mavs need to replace their 7 foot European. I would hope they find a way to land a guard, preferably a point guard. Lots of them in the draft, and that’s a need moving forward. But if it’s a shooting guard I think that’s OK because Curry might ultimately be a good a sixth man.

Heard the Warriors expect Kevin Durant back before the playoffs? Are they your favorite in the West and overall, or is it somebody else?

Tim Cowlishaw: They are clearly my favorite. And everyone else’s favorite I would think. Even if San Antonio ends up with the No. 1 see and has the home court advantage, are you really taking the in the Western Conference Finals if Durant and the Warriors are healthy? I’m not.

Saw your column about risk of resting NBA players. What do you think can be done about it? Does Adam Silver have any power to do anything?

Tim Cowlishaw: He’s essentially powerless because every player has at least a minor injury, so a team can’t be told they have to play a specific player. But he can make the point to team owners, GMs, coaches, that the reason they are all rich is because of TNT and ESPN. And if they sit star players repeatedly in the marquee games played on those cable networks, they are sealing their own fate. But he can’t change the diva mindset that is pervasive in the NBA and was basically created by David Stern, so I don’t see it going away. Players are bigger than teams in the NBA and coaches make decisions based on the wishes of star players.

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