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Here are some highlights.

Do you think the Mavs could trade up in the draft? And if they did what would they have to give up?

Sefko: “Anything is possible. But those teams at the top two spots, whoever they end up being, aren’t going to be giving those picks away, even if they already have a great point guard (most of them don’t). If the Mavericks dangled No. 9 and Wesley Matthews, I don’t think that’s going to get the attention of anybody drafting in the top five. Now if it’s Harrison Barnes, then you’d feel the love. But that’s a steep price.”

What would you do: draft the best available player or a need that you have at pick No. 9?

Sefko: “Neither. I’d trade the pick and whatever asset you have to that isn’t named Harrison Barnes in order to find an NBA proven point guard like Ricky Rubio or Kemba Walker or whoever. Unless you’re ready to end Dirk Nowitzki’s career on two consecutive trips to the lottery, it makes sense. But if they do keep the pick, I’d take the best available talent with upside. If that happens to be a point guard like Frank Ntilikina, great. If not, the search for help at the point will continue.”

If the Mavs do end up drafting a point guard do you think he’d be the starter right away? Isn’t Rick pretty tough on guards? I could see them starting Devin Harris and bringing in a PG off the bench at least to start the season

Sefko: “If they get their point guard at No. 9, he won’t be starting. If he is, then something has gone very haywire. It would probably be Ntilikina or and I doubt either of them would survive as a starting point guard as a rookie. Don’t think either of them are on a level of, say, Emanuel Mudiay, and he’s had trouble getting his career off the ground.”

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passed over for shoe deals. Do you think his outspoken father could cost him in the draft and he fall to Dallas’ range?

Sefko: “He will not fall to Dallas’ range, unless the Mavericks get lucky in the lottery and their range is second or third. NBA teams aren’t that worried about the renegade father. They can handle that sort of thing pretty well, generally speaking. If the Mavericks could get him, they’d take Lonzo in a heartbeat no matter the baggage.”

What is the worst draft blunder in Mavericks history?

Sefko: “Good grief. What’s the worst of the worst? You might as well ask what the worst snake bite would be. They’re all bad. OK, maybe not all of them. But there’s a lot of bad ones. If you want me to pick one, I’d start with Bill Garnett, who was No. 4 back in the early ’80s. Then I’d go with , Doug Smith, Cherokee Parks and, just for good measure and to give the current generation some discredit, throw in Mo Ager and Shane Larkin, even though he technically wasn’t a Mavericks pick. They traded their pick, Kelly Olynyk for Larkin on draft night. Double ugh.”

After Dirk, who would you say is the best pick in Mavs history?

Sefko: “Well, though he didn’t play a lot of his career in Dallas, it’s probably Jason Kidd. After that, maybe Mark Aguirre, Rolando Blackman and Derek Harper.”

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