Rangers announcer on Prince Fielder’s struggles and MLB pitching adjusting to Nomar Mazara

Show on KRLD FM 105.3 The Fan to talk about the Rangers season so far. Here are some highlights:

How is adjusting to big league pitching as he sticks in the big leagues:

Grieve: It looks to me like when a player comes up to the big leagues, the first thing he has to establish is that he can hit the fastball. And I think pitchers will try to find that out early and I guess they probably did with Mazara. There’s no doubt that he can hit the fastball. Recently I’ve seen them throw very typical, a lot of offspeed pitches, slow pitches down and out of the strike zone to see if they can get him to chase them. And then throw him up and in with good, hard fastballs. That’s not a formula that is particularly unique for Mazara. That’s pretty much the way pitchers attack hitters anyway.

The good thing with him is he uses the whole field, as they have said many times he’s not afraid to hit with two strikes. The times he has looked bad on a right handed breaking ball down and in and out of the strike zone, everybody does that. Even experienced hitters do that in a course of a game. You have to remember this kid has barely played in Triple A and he’s seeing the best pitchers in the world for the first time. He knows what they have got but he hasn’t seen it. And the adjustments he has made after only 125 at bats have been pretty good.

On ’s struggles and how he can turn it around:

Grieve: Who knows why a player is struggling? I couldn’t tell you. Maybe to a certain degree he has expanded his strike zone a little bit. Maybe he’s a little over anxious to get hot and get out of his slump. That’s caused him Wholesale Jerseys
to swing at some pitches he might not normally swing at. It could be something a little bit mechanical, he’s not seeing the ball, things that contribute to slow starts. But I think a reasonable expectation is something that resembles what we saw last year. Now I’m not saying he’s going to end up hitting .300 after this start, but to swing the bat the way he did most of the season last year. It doesn’t appear that he’s going to be kind of hitter to hit 55 home runs again like he did 10 years ago, but if he is the kind of player and swings the bat he did all season last year, then I think you’d be very happy with that. Based on how hard he works, his attitude, I don’t see any reason why he can’t get back to the player that he was last year. I think that’s a very reasonable expectation.

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