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Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and coach Rick Carlisle expressed respect and admiration Monday for NBA referee Bill Kennedy, who earlier in the day revealed that he is gay.

Cuban, however, wasn’t surprised.

“I don’t think it’s been a secret for a long time, but I’m proud of him,” Cuban said. “He represents the NBA as well as anybody who puts on a uniform, official or player.”

Kennedy, an 18 year veteran, made his revelation to Yahoo Sports. On Dec. 3, Kennedy officiated a game between Sacramento and Boston in Mexico City in which Kennedy whistled Kings guard and former Maverick Rajon Rondo for two technical fouls.

Reports surfaced Monday that Rondo called Kennedy a gay slur as he was being pulled away by teammates. Rondo, acquired from Boston last season, was sent away from the team during last April’s first round playoff loss to Houston.

Cuban said it is made clear to every Maverick player that certain remarks and actions will result in significant fines. That includes homophobic remarks, Cuban said.

“You guys know our rule here, right? There’s certain things that Dirk will tell you are ‘five racks’ ($5,000) or ‘fifty racks’ ($50,000),’ Cuban said. “We’ve been very clear: There’s certain terms you don’t use. Period, end of story. It doesn’t matter who you say them to.

“I can’t speak about what happened with Rajon. I don’t know. But some things just aren’t right. We try to live up to that.”

It so happens that Kennedy was the crew chief of the Mavericks’ home loss Saturday to Washington.

Carlisle, who is president of the NBA Coaches Wholesale Jerseys
Association, said Monday that Kennedy is one the league’s best officials. Cuban and Carlisle lauded Kennedy for being even keeled and communicative on the court, even in tense situations.

“I have great respect for him both as a referee and a person,” Carlisle said. “He’s a guy that has grown so much as an official over the years. He’s always been a guy that you can talk to. I respect him for making public his situation. I think that it’s great.

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