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The sun swelters overhead on this Cheap MLB Jerseys
particular cloudless afternoon as Heaney winds and deals a pitch that just misses the zone. He pauses. Then, repeating that exact motion, offers a pitch Seager belts just over the left field fence for a solo home run. It’s a moment the competitive Heaney refuses to tarry on. But here in Triple A, there’s room for those types of mistakes. It’s a place where winning is encouraged and desired, but jobs aren’t lost as quickly as at the top level the next level from here.

Seager hasn’t gotten the phone call to the majors yet; Heaney has, albeit a brief stint. He posted a 5.83 ERA in 29 1/3 innings after the call up in the Marlins organization last June. However, he didn’t pitch enough to waive his MLB rookie status. So he continues the grind in Salt Lake City, waiting to return to “The Show.” It’s been a long wait to this point. He’s made 12 starts and logged in 67 2/3 innings already for the Bees. If he’s upset he’s not in Los Angeles right now, it’s hard to tell.

“I was told very early on in my career, you’re not just playing for the organization you’re with, you’re playing for every team because you never know who will trade for you or call you up,” Stewart said. “Everyone’s watching. There’s always scouts at games, pro scouts watching you, sending in reports, so that’s the thing. You can’t look at what’s going on in your organization too much because it can drive you crazy. You never know when you can get traded and two months later you’re in the big leagues.”

Stewart’s not alone in that. In his brief Toronto stint, he became teammates with a rising left handed pitcher named Ricky . was a first round pick in 2005 and the presumed heir to the team’s longtime ace, Roy Halladay. won 13 games as a 24 year old in 2009, 14 the next and 15 in 2011. His ERA also continued to dramatically dip in that time. In 2011, when he and Stewart were teammates, became an All Star for the first time and Stewart said he was one of the best pitchers he had ever seen.

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