Steve Kerr talk how NBA teams jerseys should handle

When NBA commissioner Adam Silver sent a memo to all 30 owners about the issue of resting star players, he called it an “extremely significant issue” for the league.

It’s become a hot topic because of marquee teams like Cleveland, San Antonio and Golden State resting key players, particularly for nationally televised games. The Mavericks have done similarly in the past with Dirk Nowitzki and other players.

Carlisle hopes the new collective bargaining agreement, which will shorten the preseason and add about a week to the regular season, will help the situation. But he knows that coaches are going to always try to do what is right for their team.

“Particularly with the national TV games, this will be an issue that will be talked about at the board of governors and the competition committee,” he said. “And I understand it.”

Asked if coaches should be concerned with the business side of the league when it comes to sitting stars when a national telecast is set up to feature the league’s best teams, Carlisle said:

“It’s not that simple. When you coach in this league for a while, you get a real feel for players and their levels of energy, levels of wear and tear, both physically and emotionally. And there are times when you just know that a night of rest strategically spaced during a span of games is going to make a big difference in the long run.

“It’s a story that needs to be told and people need to understand that in the present structure of the schedule, there are just times when it really is the right thing to do. But I understand the outcry. It’s a completely legitimate concern, especially considering the investment our television partners have made in our sport. And we all understand that.”

Golden State coach Steve Kerr, who sat most of his heavy lifters in an ABC national TV game last weekend against San Antonio, said he also understands both sides of the issue.

“I thought it was smart,” he said of the league’s memo to all 30 team owners. “I think this is something every organization needs to partner together with the league and Cheap NBA Jerseys
our broadcast partners to figure out what’s best for everybody. We all have the same interests at heart which is we need to do what’s best for the league but there’s great arguments on every side.

“I do feel bad for the fans. I also know that resting guys last week was beneficial and I think it’s shown to be so this week. You can see our guys are fresher. So what can we all do together? This is not a right or wrong issue. It’s what can we do to best serve the league, best serve the players’ health.”

Zaza returnsLast season, Zaza Pachulia was a very functional center for the Mavericks. This season, he’s starting for the Warriors and has a great shot to win the championship with them.

“He’s a terrific player, he was great here,” Carlisle said. “He’s got a great knowledge of the game, goes hard and never missed a practice. I’m not surprised he’s having a terrific year. He fits a lot of what they do.”.

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