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Cowboys tight end and Dallas Wings guard Skylar Diggins Smith were both inducted into the Boys Girls Club Alumni Hall of Fame in a ceremony at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas Wednesday evening.

Witten first went to the Boys Girls Club at the age of 11 when he and his family moved to Tennessee. Diggins Smith first joined the St. Joseph County chapter as a first grader. For both, the occasion brought back happy childhood memories.

“Probably more than anything else, there was a lot of late night sleepovers that my friends and I did at the club,” Witten said with a smile creeping across his face. “More than anything else, it was the basketball leagues that I had, the competition. It was a great avenue for me to form my love for sports. It was much bigger than that because it was positive role models that encouraged me and were a voice for me to talk to about things and challenges.

“It was a neat place to go. It wasn’t punishment,” Witten added. “It was somewhere I wanted to be.”

Diggins Smith credited the Boys Girls club for helping her grow her love of basketball at a Young jersey cheap age.

“I really developed my passion for basketball, getting to go to the Club,” Diggins Cheap Jerseys
Smith said. “I remember telling my mom, ‘Just a few more minutes, just a few more minutes,’ and her having to drag me off the court like every day. I just never wanted to leave there. It was just a safe haven in our community.”

Diggins Smith and Witten were just two of the inductees this year. The rest of the class included WWE star Paul “Triple H” Levesque, actor Anthony Anderson jersey cheap, MLB players association executive director Tony Clark, cosmochemist Dante Lauretta and oncologist Philip Schein.

Both Witten and Diggins Smith credited their experience at the Boys Girls Club as an inspiration for their own community service. Witten was named the Walter Payton jersey cheap NFL Man of the Year in 2012 for his work in the community. Diggins Smith created her own basketball camp series, the Shoot 4 the Sky tour, and is still involved with the Boys Girls Club.

“Definitely that coupled with so many things, growing up with parents that just taught me the importance of giving back to the community,” Diggins Smith said, looking at her parents who flew from South Bend, Indiana, for the event.

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Here are some highlights:

What does Yogi’s spot on the team depend on? Just D Will/Barea? Or could he be sticking around longer even when some guys get healthy?

Sefko: Hard to see the Mavericks letting him go now. Right now they have 15 guys, and while you never know who might get bought out or released that could help, the way the guards have been dropping like flies this season to injury, you probably want to keep him around as a security blanket if nothing else. And who knows, sometimes kids like that only need a break to show they have what it takes to be a regular contributor.

What were your first impressions of Yogi Ferrell?

Sefko: Outrageously good. As mentioned above, he’s already earned his keep in one game. If a minimum salary guy helps you win one game you weren’t expected to win, he’s justified his existence. But from the vibe I’m getting, this guy has a little more to offer than just one game. He’s going to make mistakes. All rookies do. But he doesn’t seem to have any fear in him and he’s already getting the respect in the locker room.

Of the teams vying for the West’s No. 8 seed (Denver, Portland, Sacramento, New Orleans, Minnesota), would you say any of those are absolutely better than Dallas (the way it’s playing) right now?

Sefko: The truth is I don’t particularly like any of those teams. They all have flaws. You would think Portland would get things together and make a push. But that’s no guarantee. New Orleans can’t stay healthy. Denver, Sac, Minny? No thank you. The Mavericks are as good as any of them, but that miserable start put them way, way behind the 8 ball.

Do you think Justin Anderson jersey cheap’s recent hot streak has increased his trade value? If that’s the case, would it be wise for the Mavs to sell high?

Sefko: You always want to sell high and I can assure you if there is any blockbuster out there (and I’m hearing it’s very unlikely), Anderson jersey cheap would have to be a piece of the outgoing package. He’s got talent and athleticism and a good motor. All he needs is consistency and a clear role. One could lead to the other.

Do you think Hammons and Brussino can make a serious contribution to the team next season?

Sefko: Not ready to jump in on that one. I don’t think Hammons is far enough along and while playing in the D League is helpful, there aren’t a lot of quality big men roaming Cheap NBA Jerseys
around in that league. If you’re 6 11 or taller and can play, you’re in the NBA. As for Brussino, once he conquers the language, and he’s making strides there, he’ll get a bigger shot to contribute. He needs a summer in the weight room and playing in the summer league would do wonders for him. I can tell you the Mavericks think highly of his potential ceiling.

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Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki. And maybe Tim Duncan.

That’s your trifecta of tenure, your lords of loyalty in the NBA.

When Nowitzki agreed to a two year contract to stay with the Mavericks on Tuesday, he set himself up to play for 20 years with the same franchise. Chinese Wholesale Jerseys
Bryant just rode into retirement after his 20th season with the Los Angeles Lakers jersey cheap. Duncan is weighing a 20th season coming up with San Antonio.

For Nowitzki, it was never a matter of whether he was going to abandon Dallas. He wasn’t.

He wants a chance to win. And if owner Mark Cuban showed him a trace of that similar competitive fire, Nowitzki was staying.

So he’s back with a golden parachute of a contract two years, roughly $40 million, two sources said.

Nowitzki, spending time in Europe, confirmed what everybody knew early Tuesday, telling a German reporter he was “definitely staying in Dallas.”

The only question was what paycheck he would be receiving, and while he’s getting a nice raise, he’s still giving the Mavericks a hometown discount.

If you’re on mobile, tap here to see the tweet.

Bryant made $55 million in his last two seasons and spent them with miserable teams in LA.

Cuban doesn’t want the same fate for Nowitzki. He is trying to put together a competitive roster this season, while at the same time getting the Mavericks Young jersey cheaper and trying to hold onto youthful pieces that will be part of a future core.

Plus, next summer is a whole new ballgame in free agency.

So Nowitzki has hope. He expects his final season(s) to be fun. That’s all he asks.

While Mavericks officials would not comment on the record, it was clear that there was a collective sigh of relief at American Airlines Center, where minicamp opened for players on the Las Vegas Summer League team.

Justin Anderson jersey cheap, the promising second year wing man, is one of those participating on the summer squad. His stall is right next to Nowitzki’s in the Mavericks’ locker room. He said he’s both pleased and impressed that Nowitzki is sticking around.

“The loyalty he has to this city, it doesn’t go unnoticed,” Anderson jersey cheap said. “This is the program that brought him in. And this is the program he’s going to leave with.

“I would have missed him [if he’d left]. I would have been really angry at him, actually. Now, I get my locker buddy back and I get to keep calling him ‘6’ until he gets up to No. 5.”

That would be a reference to Nowitzki’s status as the sixth leading scorer in NBA history. Wednesday.

The same goes for Deron Williams, Dwight Powell, Harrison Barnes and Seth Curry, all of whom have agreed to free agent deals.

In addition, the Mavericks expect to quickly finalize the trade for center Andrew Bogut soon after the moratorium on transactions is lifted.

Nowitzki is coming off a season in which he was the Mavericks’ leading scorer at 18.3 points per game. He is likely to be joined in the Mavericks’ starting lineup by Bogut, Harrison Barnes, Wesley Matthews and Williams.

The goal remains for Cuban, president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson and coach Rick Carlisle to find another player to replace Nowitzki as the Mavericks’ top scorer.

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CHICAGO It’s a month before the NBA All Star Weekend begins, and Monday was the day that voting for the game ended for fans and media members who were fortunate enough to get a ballot.

That responsibility was not taken lightly, which is why we’re unveiling our vote here and this would be your cue to tell me why I’m an idiot for not putting Russell Westbrook among my All Star starters.

Mainly, who wouldn’t want to see a battle between Seth Curry and Stephen Curry in the 3 Chinese Wholesale Jerseys
point contest? If there is a brain in the NBA front office, and we know there are a few up there, this would be a nice twist to the shootout. Hopefully, both Currys will agree to it.

Other than that, the Mavericks probably have only one chance to send somebody to the All Star weekend: Dorian Finney Smith.

Harrison Barnes is their best player this season, and he’s averaging 20.7 points. But he has no chance of being voted into an All Star reserve slot by the coaches because of the Mavericks’ poor record.

Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gobert, Karl Anthony Towns, Marc Gasol, DeAndre Jordan and Gordon Hayward all would rate ahead of Barnes this season in any All Star vote for front court players.

The Mavericks have no dunkers who would justify picking for the slam contest, so that honor is a goner.

That leaves the 3 point contest and the rookie sophomore game, assuming that’s the way the league does it this year in the Rising Stars Challenge that last year featured international vs. first and second year players.

Justin Anderson jersey cheap could be considered for the Rising Stars Challenge. But Finney Smith, who started most of the first half of the season, probably stands a better chance since the rookie class is relatively weak.

Mavericks fans shoot root for the Curry Curry long distance shootout.

All those events will be disclosed soon enough. Usually by the end of January those participants are announced.

But what about the All Star starters?

OK, about that Westbrook snub, for me it all came down to record.

Oklahoma City has done well, but Houston has exceeded every expectation anybody had for new coach Mike D’Antoni’s team.

They are solidly the third seed in the Western Conference and pushing the Spurs jersey cheap for the Southwest Division.

James Harden is the reason. He’s the new Steve Nash of the Western Conference. Remember, it was D’Antoni whose system raised Nash to MVP status. It could be doing the same for Harden.

Plus, if Mark Cuban says Westbrook isn’t a superstar, who are we to argue?

Beyond that, the other Western Conference selections were pretty simple. Stephen Curry is obvious. And that means Westbrook will be the easiest coaches’ choice in history.

Among big men, Davis, Leonard and Durant were the clear choices. And no, Barnes did not get consideration, although Towns, Green, Cousins, Rudy Gobert and Gasol did.

In the Eastern Conference, I confess I have Greek Freak itis. Giannis Antetokounmpo got my choice in the front court alongside Andre Drummond and LeBron James.