NFL’s Super Bowl jerseys will display

Besides establishing Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback ever and Lady Gaga as the best headline halftime performer since Prince, Super Bowl LI proved one other thing:

A coin flip should not be the deciding factor in any game, let alone one for a championship.

While not perfect, college football’s way of handling overtime is way better than the NFL version. For all the drama of New England’s epic 25 point comeback, the game essentially ended when the Patriots correctly called “heads” to start overtime. They took the ball, and an already gassed Atlanta defense had no answer for Brady.

Matt Ryan and Co. never had a chance to even the score.

Under the NCAA overtime rules, each team is guaranteed a possession starting at the 25. Still tied, repeat. In the third possessions, teams must go for a two point conversion after a touchdown.

Asked about the NFL overtime cheap ncaa football jerseys rules Monday, TCU coach Gary Patterson noted that getting the ball first is a big edge.

“I don’t know that Chinese Wholesale Jerseys
for fact, but I would like to see both teams get an opportunity to score which is what I like about what we do [college football],” Patterson said.

His concern: that after two or three college overtimes, the plays mount and so do the injuries.

While not perfect, the college overtime rule provides a sense of fairness and can lead to all sorts of drama. Arkansas has played seven overtimes twice.

For all its success and air of superiority, the NFL remains stuck in 1958. Then, the Baltimore Colts beat the New York Giants 23 17, christening sudden death overtime and ushering in the modern era of pro football, according to sports historians.

Outside of a few tweaks, such as forcing a team to score a touchdown to win on its first overtime possession, the NFL has clung to tradition for too long.

Maybe the Patriots would have won anyway given the second half change in momentum. At least Atlanta would have had a chance.

Sure, the NFL could adjust the rules.

Maybe have teams start possessions at the opponents’ 35 to account for the leg strength of pro kickers. Because of game length and injury concerns, limit regular season overtime to two or three possessions each.