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A study published in February’s Journal of Sports Economics suggests that just making the NCAA tournament boosts the number of undergraduate applications a school receives the following fall. Using data on where students sent their SAT scores as a proxy for where they applied, the researchers found that a college gets a bigger bump in SAT scores for each time it advances in the NCAA bracket. A college basketball championship, the researchers say, can NCAA Jerseys China
lead to a school receiving about 10 percent more SAT scores from high school students and not just from college sports attuned males. “And, at the championship level, it seems to be equal” both genders are equally impressionable. The implication: High school students may not know which school offers the best academic fit or even care how an expensive education impacts their future job prospects, but males and females pay attention to which schools won the last NCAA basketball and football championships and value the upbeat atmosphere a winning team brings.

The researchers, a pair of economist siblings Jaren Pope at BYU and his brother Devin Pope of the University of Chicago studied the effects of basketball and football, the behemoths of college athletics. Schools that make the Final Four in the NCAA basketball tournament or finish in football’s Associated Press top 10 experienced a 6 percent to 8 percent bump in SAT scores received. Reign as football champion, they found, and SAT scores submitted to the institution jump 11 percent. The effect even lingers a couple of years out, although at a decreasing rate.

The University of Florida can attest to that. A decade ago cheap college jersey before the college sports juggernaut had won basketball and football championships in the same year Florida saw fewer than 20,000 applications a year. Now UF receives a standard 30,000, “and our academic profile has just been going steadily up,” spokesman Steve Orlando said. More than 84 percent of incoming freshmen have an average 4.0 GPA, and the freshman class average SAT score was 1,960. College athletics may not be the sole source of that trend, he said, but a stellar sports year clearly helps lift the academic tide of an incoming class.

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FILE In this Oct. 10, 2015, file photo, Baylor head coach Art Briles watches during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Kansas in Lawrence, Kan. Baylor University board of regents says it will fire Briles and re assign university President Kenneth Starr in response to questions about its handling of sexual assault complaints against players. The university said in a statement Thursday, May 26, 2016, that it had suspended Briles “with intent to terminate.” Starr will leave the position of president on May 31, but the school says he will serve as chancellor. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)

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for reasons to justify this expenditure by noting that Michigan produced $152.5 million in revenue last year and that it was cheaper than traveling to national playoff games. That’s a weak argument. It’s not cheaper than, say, walking across the street to the Al Glick Field House, the school’s $26 million indoor practice facility. The program is rich, but it is still part of a publicly funded school and therefore obligated to fiscal responsibility. If the Wolverines are so rich, why not do something for the university at large say, eliminate student fees that support athletics, or reduce dependency on taxpayer subsidies or fund scholarships for the disadvantaged? Or just donate the $350K to that new weight room for which the Wolverines plan to begin fundraising this year?

The findings of the Pepper firm concluded cheap college jerseys from china that “football was above the rules,” that “university administrators directly discouraged victims from reporting assaults in one instance, those actions constituted retaliation against a complainant for reporting sexual assault”; football and athletic department officials “chose not to report sexual violence and dating violence to an appropriate administrator outside of athletics”; football coaches and staff members conducted their own investigations, discredited victims and met directly with victims and/or their parents; “Football coaches and staff took affirmative steps to maintain internal control over discipline of players and to actively divert cases from student conduct or criminal processes”; the school did not properly investigate transfers, including their criminal records.