NHL draft jerseys news for Dallas

It’s the best news the Stars have had this year, through perhaps excitement should be low key.

Dallas was one of the winners in the NHL draft lottery Saturday in Toronto, moving from eighth to third overall. That means the Stars will have their highest pick since moving to Texas in 1993.

The bit of caution? Dallas’ two previous top picks were Richard Jackman (fifth overall in 1996) and Scott Glennie (eighth overall in 2009), and neither worked out for the team. Jackman played 38 games with the Stars and Glennie one.

And this isn’t expected to be an incredibly talented draft.

Still, moving up five spots Wholesale Jerseys
helps the Stars in a lot of ways. In addition to creating a chance to find a significantly improved level of prospect, the Stars also open the door to trade the pick if another team wants to move up.

“It’s a very valuable asset,” general manager Jim Nill said. “You clearly want to pick as high as you can, and we’re moving from eighth to third, so that’s a huge deal for us.”

The Stars still have a chance at a second first round pick. They’ll get Anaheim’s first rounder if the Ducks win their West semifinal playoff series vs. Edmonton, though the Ducks are trailing 2 0. That pick would be in the 28 31 range.

The NHL gives teams three chances to move up in the draft lottery, and Dallas hit on its third try. New Jersey went from fifth to first on the initial draw. Philadelphia went from 13th to second on the next draw. And Dallas went from eighth to third on the third draw.

According to the NHL, in the third drawing, the Stars had the seventh greatest percentage likelihood among the 13 remaining clubs eligible for selection (6.5 percent). After dropping from No. 8 to No. 9 as a result of the second drawing, Dallas climbed to No. 3, improving its drafting position as a result of the draft lottery for the first time in franchise history.

That means Colorado slides to fourth, Vancouver to fifth, Vegas to sixth and Arizona to seventh. The lottery will be in effect only for the first round of the NHL draft June 23 24 in Chicago. The remaining rounds will draft according to finish in the 2016 17 season.

The 2017 draft is seen as unremarkable, so the Stars probably won’t be getting a game changing player. The consensus is that Canadian center Nolan Patrick (the nephew of former Stars assistant coach James Patrick) and Swiss center Nico Hischier will go first and second. The draft projections get jumbled at that point.

Moving up on a lot of boards is Gabriel jersey cheap Vilardi. He’s one of the bigger forwards (6 3, 201) and one of the Young jersey cheapest players (he won’t turn 18 until Aug. 16). The versatile Canadian center had 61 points (29 goals, 32 assists) in 49 games with Windsor (OHL) last season.

Also moving up is Miro Heiskanen, a skilled Finnish defenseman, and Owen Tippett, a winger out of Ontario. Dallas also could go the Minnesota high school route again, as it did last season when it selected Riley Tufte 25th overall. This year, center Casey Mittelstadt had 30 points (13 goals, 17 assists) in 24 games with Green Bay in the USHL.

But the draft won’t be won or lost in the first round. Nill said the key for his team will be finding depth in players throughout the draft.

“I think any draft is a good one if you can take two players out of it, so you have to do your work and try to get something in every round,” Nill said. “Clearly, your chances are going to be better if you draft higher, so this is a great opportunity for our scouts and for our entire organization. This is a big boost for us.”.