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ARLINGTON Jeremy Jeffress jersey cheap officially moved into baseball purgatory Saturday.

With the Rangers ready to reinstate the pitcher from the restricted list a day after he was arrested and charged with DWI, Major League Baseball stepped in and blocked the move, apparently to further investigate whether illegal drugs were involved.

According to the arrest warrant obtained by The Dallas Morning News, Jeffress had a blood alcohol content of .115 at the time of the arrest and later was administered a blood test.

Police also found a clear plastic bag with a “green leafy substance believed to be marijuana or a synthetic cannabinoid,” in the glove box of Jeffress’ car, according to the warrant. Jeffress denied the substance was his, according to the report.

That gave MLB sufficient reason to step in.

“We knew all along that once we placed him on the restricted list, it was in MLB’s hands,” Rangers assistant general manager Thad Levine said. “We do not have much say or jurisdiction at this point. They are still fact finding, so there has been no conclusion.”

The fact finding is significant given Jeffress’ history, which includes a pair of minor league suspensions for positive drug tests. While alcohol related arrests do not Wholesale MLB Jerseys
typically fall into the penalty track for the Joint Drug Agreement, the league apparently wants to make sure there was no violation of its drug policy.

That creates a gray area. The minor league violations typically are not treated on the same track with violations under the MLB policy. In the minors, Jeffress was on his last strike before a lifetime ban.

Under the MLB policy, positive tests for marijuana do not result in suspensions.

MLB officials declined to comment on the case Saturday.

“I think MLB is working closely with the union and looking out for what is in the best interests of the player in this case,” Levine said. “This could be a case of all hands on deck to try and help the person.”

During sobriety tests, Jeffress could not keep his balance or stand on one leg, an affidavit said. He also urinated on himself. He was transported to Lew Sterrett, booked and, eventually released on a $500 bond.

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OAKLAND, Calif. After Wholesale Jerseys China
they’d finished things off, donned the MLB licensed gear (free of any controversy causing Dallas skyline silhouettes) and jumped around a bit, the Rangers headed up to their cramped clubhouse in the AL West and started the chant.

“Champ! Champ! Champ!”

Fielder, whose career was ended this summer by a second surgery to fuse herniated discs in his neck, stood surrounded by teammates toasting him for his role and his career. He had been calling everybody “Champ,” all season. The Rangers turned the tables on him Friday.

“These are my guys,” Fielder said, standing a bit off to the side as the champagne showers got a bit too raucous for a guy who recently had neck surgery. “When they do something good, it makes me feel good. The whole thing made me feel good. They’ve done an amazing job.”

Though unable to play, Fielder joined the team earlier in the week, then made the trip to Oakland in anticipation of the clinch. He will be with the team throughout the playoffs.

Fielder was not the only team member to get special treatment during the post game celebrations. Matt Bush and Jeremy Jeffress jersey cheap, recovering alcoholics, were given a ginger ale toast before any partying ensued. It is a tradition the Rangers began for Josh Hamilton jersey cheap in 2010. Bush and Jeffress left the clubhouse after they were toasted.

For so many in the clubhouse, it didn’t matter if they were singled out in a toast or not; this season has offered a special sense of renewal.

Jonathan Lucroy jersey cheap, acquired at the trade deadline, said he couldn’t imagine such a celebration when he went to spring training with Milwaukee.

“It’s a very, very good feeling,” said Lucroy. “To go from where we were to this, I’m just very fortunate to be here.”

For Carlos Gomez jersey cheap, who was released by Houston on August 18, it was a magical moment. Gomez began the Rangers’ three run, seventh inning rally with an infield single off Kendall Graveman jersey cheap. He was the first Ranger to reach base. He also scored the first run.

“To think 27 days ago, I was released,” Gomez said. “To me, this is a blessing. That they saw something in me and gave me the opportunity means so much.”

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