Rangers have three of MLB’s 10 worst jerseys

The Texas Rangers jersey cheap recently traded for Cole Hamels jersey cheap, and in the process, inherited the remaining three years and guaranteed $81 million on his contract. The total dollar amount owed to Hamels was helped a Cheap Jerseys
little by the Philadelphia Phillies jersey cheap sending $9.5 million to the Rangers in the same deal. Josh Hamilton jersey cheap is another, but the Los Angeles Angels jersey cheap are paying nearly $65 million for him not to play in LA. The last name on the list is , who’s average salary is more than $23 million a year.

ESPN’s Dan Szymborski recently ranked the top 10 worst contracts in the MLB, and Fielder made his list. A year ago Fielder topped ESPN’s list. Now he’s down to sixth coming in just behind Seattle’s Robinson Cano jersey cheap.

“His .327/.394/.499 slash line and excellent health this season bode well, but, even with the short term concern about Fielder largely dispelled, the longer term issues remain,” Szymborski said. “Fielder remains a player on the wrong side of 30 with an ‘old player’ skill set that typically doesn’t age well, and he’s still owed $120 million after this season.”

was the highest ranked Ranger on the list coming in at No. 4 overall.

Szymborski said that Choo’s contract was, “A clear overpay for the Rangers before the 2014 season, Choo’s 2015 bounce back season is purely of the ‘meh’ variety.”

Elvis Andrus jersey cheap also made the list as the 10th man.

“I won’t lie, I thought this was a reasonable deal at the time, as Andrus had just finished an age 23 season in which he displayed continued offensive development (his 94 OPS+ was his career best) and appeared to have one of the best gloves at shortstop in the AL,” Szymborski wrote. “Instead, Andrus’ game has regressed considerably, long before age related decline should even be an issue, and that regression has been in every aspect of his game. A top SS glove with a 90 OPS+ is a good player, but a below average SS glove with an 80 OPS+ is a disappointing one. Andrus’ case isn’t hopeless and he’s making ‘only’ $15 million per year, but, with seven years remaining, this one is not looking good.”

Below are the top five Rangers on the 2015 payroll according to spotrac.2015 salary$24 million$16 million

Elvis Andrus jersey cheap

$15 million$14 million

Cole Hamels jersey cheapIt’s also worth noting that Yu Darvish jersey cheap ($10 million) and Derek Holland jersey cheap ($7.4 million) are both currently not on the team’s roster, but would be either in contention or close to it for the team’s top five player salaries.

Josh Hamilton take part in MLB

Here are some highlights.

Comment Chinese Wholesale Jerseys
From Bennie . Seeing how the overall performance of the Rangers this year has shown almost a direct correlation to how well Josh has hit, will that cause the Ranger front office to be willing to spend even more for Josh in the offseason than they would have before this year.? Has the way things have played out this year done anything more to show them how much this team needs Josh?

Evan Grant: It’s gonna be so tricky, Bennie. So much to consider. Hate to sound evasive, but I just think this is going to be one of the all time most complicated situations out there. But what is clear: This team, as constructed, goes as Josh Hamilton jersey cheap does offensively.

Comment From JFK . Please compare the 2012 roster to the one for 2013. Who do you think is gone: Hamilton, Elvis, Napoli, Moreland, Oswalt or who? What about MY? Isn’t his contract up after the 2013 season?

Evan Grant: I think the two big questions are Hamilton and Elvis. One because of free agency and one because of pending free agency/value. It’s going to be a very interesting offseason.

Comment From Rick . Might the Rangers be better off extending the contract of a 23 year old All Star shortstop this off season, than re signing a 31 year old outfielder, for a lot more money and a lot more uncertainty? I’d let Elvis and Boras know that if they can’t extend at this time, they will look to trade him before next season.

Evan Grant: They might look to sign both. Both will be difficult signs. Hamilton will be difficult because he is the No. 1 free agent on the market. Elvis will be difficult because his agent is Scott Boras.

Comment From Bennie . Did the handling of Oswalt for several days before he got the start on Saturday show that the Rangers knew several days prior to announcing it that Oswalt would ge t the start. Didn’t Oswalt go a week or so without pitching on a club that thought it necessary to carry 13 pitchers?

Evan Grant: I don’t think the Rangers really became aware or the Dempster issue until Wednesday and they were still trying to figure out ways to get him into Canada as of Friday morning, so, no, I don’t think there was some long term recognition of how potentially disruptive the issue could be.

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OAKLAND, Calif. After Wholesale Jerseys China
they’d finished things off, donned the MLB licensed gear (free of any controversy causing Dallas skyline silhouettes) and jumped around a bit, the Rangers headed up to their cramped clubhouse in the AL West and started the chant.

“Champ! Champ! Champ!”

Fielder, whose career was ended this summer by a second surgery to fuse herniated discs in his neck, stood surrounded by teammates toasting him for his role and his career. He had been calling everybody “Champ,” all season. The Rangers turned the tables on him Friday.

“These are my guys,” Fielder said, standing a bit off to the side as the champagne showers got a bit too raucous for a guy who recently had neck surgery. “When they do something good, it makes me feel good. The whole thing made me feel good. They’ve done an amazing job.”

Though unable to play, Fielder joined the team earlier in the week, then made the trip to Oakland in anticipation of the clinch. He will be with the team throughout the playoffs.

Fielder was not the only team member to get special treatment during the post game celebrations. Matt Bush and Jeremy Jeffress jersey cheap, recovering alcoholics, were given a ginger ale toast before any partying ensued. It is a tradition the Rangers began for Josh Hamilton jersey cheap in 2010. Bush and Jeffress left the clubhouse after they were toasted.

For so many in the clubhouse, it didn’t matter if they were singled out in a toast or not; this season has offered a special sense of renewal.

Jonathan Lucroy jersey cheap, acquired at the trade deadline, said he couldn’t imagine such a celebration when he went to spring training with Milwaukee.

“It’s a very, very good feeling,” said Lucroy. “To go from where we were to this, I’m just very fortunate to be here.”

For Carlos Gomez jersey cheap, who was released by Houston on August 18, it was a magical moment. Gomez began the Rangers’ three run, seventh inning rally with an infield single off Kendall Graveman jersey cheap. He was the first Ranger to reach base. He also scored the first run.

“To think 27 days ago, I was released,” Gomez said. “To me, this is a blessing. That they saw something in me and gave me the opportunity means so much.”

Rangers postseason update: Standings, scheduleInside the celebration after the Rangers’ AL West clinching win.

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Rangers insider Evan Grant takes a look at five Rangers related stories to monitor during MLB’s Winter Meetings, which begin Monday at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. The meetings conclude Thursday morning with the Rule 5 draft:

Pittsburgh talks: If there is a Most Desired Ranger on the market, it is first baseman Mitch Moreland jersey cheap, with Pittsburgh as the most aggressive suitor. The Pirates nontendered Pedro jersey cheap Alvarez jersey cheap last week, leaving an opening for a left handed hitting first baseman. Trading Moreland to Pittsburgh would create financial resources to re sign Mike Napoli jersey cheap, which would then also better balance the lineup. The question is whether there is a realistic trade fit with the Pirates, or if the clubs might have to involve a third team in talks.

Milwaukee talks: The Rangers tried to engage Milwaukee in conversation about catcher Jonathan Lucroy jersey cheap last July, but then GM Doug Melvin wasn’t inclined to move him. Now, with new GM David Stearns in full scale rebuilding mode, the Brewers may be more willing to talk. The issue: Since this would be Stearns’ first big deal, he’s also likely to seek to “win” the trade, and the Rangers aren’t in a position to overpay.

Catching depth: In the likely event there isn’t a match with Milwaukee on Lucroy, the Rangers still need a capable catching option because otherwise, the club would be relying Wholesale Jerseys
on both Robinson Chirinos jersey cheap and Chris Gimenez jersey cheap to surpass their previous highs for playing time in 2016. The thin free agent market has already been thinned out further with a flurry of signings. Division rival Seattle, with whom the Rangers have already made one trade this winter, suddenly finds itself with extra catching. Mike Zunino jersey cheap might be worth a discussion or three.

Outfield depth: At this point, Ryan Rua jersey cheap, with 195 career major league plate appearances, and Patrick Kivlehan jersey cheap, with none, are the right handed hitting outfield depth for Josh Hamilton jersey cheap. The Rangers need more experience there. Rajai Davis jersey cheap has speed and can play center field, too. Steve Pearce jersey cheap and Jonny Gomes jersey cheap have power.

Will anybody take a big salary? The Rangers could still become active on the elite free agent market, but only if somebody offers to take a major salary off their hands. The Rangers would certainly listen on Prince Fielder jersey cheap, Elvis Andrus jersey cheap or Shin Soo Choo. Big question: Will anybody call? Bigger question: Would any of those callers be willing to take on the majority of those contracts?DANIELS ON PODCAST

Texas Rangers jersey cheap general manager Jon Daniels recently joined Evan Grant, Barry Horn and Kevin Sherrington on the Upon Further Review podcast to talk all things baseball, with an emphasis on the upcoming winter meetings.