How NHL expansion could affect the trade deadline

Here are some highlights:

How do you think NHL expansion is going to affect the trade deadline? Is it possible for a team to trade for someone only to have them shipped to Vegas? That would suck.

Heika: Yes, that is a concern. A team could acquire someone and then have to Chinese Wholesale Jerseys
expose them in the expansion draft, and that is a risk. That’s why pending UFAs such as Patrick Sharp jersey cheap and Patrick Eaves jersey cheap jersey cheap are desirable, because Vegas is probably not taking a player who can turn around and leave in free agency.

That said, teams also need to have the proper players to expose in the expansion draft (there are rules on amount of games that have been played this season, so that Vegas has a good selection). You could actually see teams acquire players with the intent of losing them.

Now, all of this can be done at the end of the season before the June 20 expansion draft, so the trade deadline might not affect much. My guess is that’s when a lot of the goaltender shuffling might happen. Teams that have a good Young jersey cheap goalie who might be in jeopardy of being taken probably want to keep them through the playoffs.

Trying to be a glass half full guy here: Does a down year now maybe help the Stars when it comes to expansion? Maybe Vegas won’t want our people since we had a bad year.

Heika: No, Vegas takes one player from every team, so the Stars are going to lose someone good. But they lost Alex jersey cheap Goligoski, Jason Demers jersey cheap, Vernon Fiddler jersey cheap and Colton Sceviour jersey cheap last summer, so the expansion draft isn’t that big of a deal. Good teams lose good players every summer.

The positive of this year is it gives an unvarnished look at the franchise. You have a clear assessment of all of your weaknesses and all of the areas where you need help. So maybe getting a new coaching staff is very needed, and you wouldn’t have seen that with a kind of OK year that ended with a playoff loss. Maybe the goalie share program really is a disaster and you might have talked yourself into another year if you were sitting 15th in GAA and save percentage. Maybe the Young jersey cheap defensemen and the 8 man defense has exposed itself as a really bad idea, and now you have to make hard decisions instead of waiting on Oleksiak, Nemeth and Johns.

The glass half full approach is maybe this year will force management to make significant changes and potentially improve the franchise for years to come. That’s the hope anyway.

What do you think the Stars could get for Sharp/Oduya in a trade? Which ex Blackhawk do you think has the highest chance of getting shipped off?

Heika: Oduya is not even playing, so I’m not even sure he is in the conversation for a trade until he tests his ankle injury in a game.

My prediction is that Dallas and Chicago find a way to make a trade for Sharp. He is exactly what Chicago needs, and Dallas could eat half his remaining salary or take an existing contract back if Chicago offers something good in the form of a prospect or draft pick.

They can make this work, and dealing Sharp back makes sense for everyone.

Which Stars player do you think has been underperforming the most this year?

Heika: I said Jason Spezza jersey cheap jersey cheap last time, and then saw he was the Normandy Homes Three Stars of the Game winner, so I’ll change it up.

Antti Niemi jersey cheap wins this week. He has pretty much fallen off a cliff in the past two months and lost any confidence the coaching staff once had in him. He also might have lost any confidence he had in himself.

Why Stars’ Patrick Sharp is thankful for NHL’s efforts to change its culture on concussions

Five years ago, Patrick Sharp jersey cheap said, he would have returned to the game when he suffered a concussion like the one he suffered Oct. 20.

It would have been described as a “mild” concussion or not even as a concussion at all. That’s just what hockey players did. It’s what athletes did.

This time, though, the NHL’s new concussion protocol made Sharp sit out and also made him take serious stock in what had just happened. He missed 14 games and didn’t return until he was symptom free. It wasn’t easy while his team was struggling in the standings, but it was the right thing to do.

“When I took the hit, I assumed I was coming back into the game,” Sharp said. “Now that I look back on it and what happened, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t.”

Sharp was hit by Kings defenseman Brayden McNabb jersey cheap while skating up the wing. Although his chin did hit the board on his way to the ice, he said he didn’t really feel that the board or ice created a huge impact. Instead, he said the snapping of his neck at the moment of impact probably created a whiplash effect on his brain.

And over the next few weeks, he said, he displayed the classic signs of a concussion dizziness, nausea, light sensitivity. He would be better for a few days, and then the symptoms would return, and that was scary, he said.

“When you break a bone, you have a time frame and you know it’s going to heal,” Sharp said. ” The type of injury that I had, you hear some scary stories from around the league. You try to talk to former teammates, current teammates that have been through the same situation and get as much information as you can.”

Patrick Eaves jersey cheap jersey cheap is one of the best research guides when it comes to concussions. He had one in 2012 that kept him out of play for 15 months. During that span, his wife, Katie, took care of him and their 1 year old daughter. She also was pregnant.

“My wife got me through it,” Eaves said when he was nominated for the Masterton Trophy two years ago. “It was tough not being able to do the things like not being a father, not being a husband. Basically, it was nuts.”

And yet, he battled back to resume his career in 2013, and has even suffered concussions since. He said that the key is he has always followed the advice of doctors and trainers, and that he believes the NHL’s new protocol is working.

“I think that’s huge for us. I think we need that help,” Eaves said. “Guys want to play, but they need to realize that life is bigger than one game, and coming out is the best thing for you.”

The NHL last season put concussion spotters in Cheap Jerseys from China
each building and then added to that this season with central concussion spotters who watch games in a national video center and look for signs that a player might be concussed. After the hit Sharp took, he was quickly placed in the protocol.

“The knowledge now is in a whole new place,” Stars coach Lindy Ruff said. “They’re taking players out on any indication of a concussion. And there have been times when it isn’t, but I think you have to err on the side of player protection.”

Ruff said he was knocked out cold during his playing days and then returned and played the next day. That’s just how it was. The NHL is trying to change that culture by forcing players to sit down, and that’s something Sharp said he’s thankful for today.

“You try to read up as much as you can. You try to be as honest as you can be in the evaluation. But again, it’s kind of a guessing game and time is the ultimate healer,” said Sharp, who scored his first goal of the season Wednesday in his third game back from the concussion. “I’m thankful I was able to come out of it and feel healthy and strong.”