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Former Texas Rangers jersey cheap catcher Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez addresses the media during Cheap MLB Jerseys
a press conference at Globe Life Park after the announcement that he was voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017, in Arlington. Rodriguez, who signed with the Rangers at 16 and made his major league debut before turning 20, was elected to the Hall in his first year on the ballot, joining Johnny Bench as the only catchers in baseball history to be elected in the first year of eligibility.(Smiley N. Pool/The Dallas Morning News)

1) Deserving in the eyes of the nation When the news broke that Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez had been inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, the city of Dallas responded with a flurry of praise from the cities biggest sports stars.

Nolan Ryan, Michael Young jersey cheap, Dirk Nowitzki, Troy Aikman jersey cheap and Mike Modano were among many of the people who sung Rodriguez’s praise. The Mavericks had a special ceremony in his honor. Current Rangers captain Adrian Beltre jersey cheap also weighed in on Pudge’s induction.

Johnny Bench, the best catcher of all time, summed it up pretty well.

“Ivan is a very deserving first ballot Hall of Famer,” Bench said. “He was the complete catcher, incredibly durable and intimidating behind the plate but also a very good hitter.”

2) Ranger through and through Despite playing for six teams in his illustrious career, Ivan Rodriguez is, and will always be, a Texas Ranger.

From the start, the Rangers and Rodriguez were a perfect match. From his MLB debut as a teenager, to his 10 straight Golden Golves, to retiring as a Ranger, Rodriguez will go down as one of the best players in Texas Rangers jersey cheap history.

“I respect all the organizations I played for, they are all a part of this,” Rodriguez said. “The Rangers are the huge part.”

3) His speech will be full of emotion

Even when he was a player, whether he was accepting awards, staring down base runners or celebrating championships, Pudge played the game with infectious emotion.

4) It wasn’t a sure thingRodriguez’s numbers were Hall of Fame worthy, but his induction was not a lock. Before the vote, there were some who thought his connection to PEDs may keep him on the outside looking in.

But the votes came in, and Rodriguez made the cut by a razor thin margin of four votes, making him only the second catcher ever to get in the Hall on his first ballot (Johnny Bench was first). In the end, the numbers were too great to pass over Rodriguez, despite voters’ attitude toward PEDs.

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And, so, after a rain delay of 3:35 on Monday/Tuesday, the Rangers overcame the weather, a plea from New York manager Joe Girardi, Aroldis Chapman jersey cheap and what’s left of the Yankees for a 9 6 come from behind win with four runs in the ninth inning. ET. “I don’t want to make it more than it is and I don’t want to make it less than it is. This team just wanted the opportunity to play the game on the field to the last out. They wanted to go out there and play hard to the last out. ET with a runner at first via a Chapman walk, Chapman was gone, replaced by Kirby Yates jersey cheap. He struck out Shin Soo Choo, hit consecutive batters with two strike pitches, then allowed a two run single to Adrian Beltre jersey cheap on a 1 2 count. As cleanup crews mixed with the remaining crowd of about 200, Elvis Andrus jersey cheap added a two run single.

And as dramatic as the Rangers’ comeback was, it was not the story of the night. That was the bizarre handling of a rain delay during which no rain fell and four innings in which rain steadily fell and the tarp was never called for.

Play didn’t stop until after Chapman MLB Jerseys China
walked Chirinos on five pitches and fell behind Choo 3 1. Yankees manager Joe Girardi came out of the dugout and approached the umpires, beseeching them to do something about the deteriorating conditions.

And they did.

Acting crew chief Paul Nauert called for the tarp.

He was then left to try to explain to Rangers manager Jeff Banister why he called for the tarp. Suffice to say, the men stood out in the rain for a while discussing the matter.

“I assume that’s what Joe was asking,” Banister said. “That was a first for me.”

Said Beltre: “We didn’t think that it was fair. We had been playing in the rain the whole game. Our pitcher [Tony Barnette jersey cheap] had just been on the mound pitching in the same situation. Even if Girardi comes out and complains, it’s still the umpires call.”

Then they sat and waited. And waited. And waited a little more.

When the umpires came back on the field and the tarp was removed, Girardi had a conversation with them in the middle of the dirt between second and third. All the while, Banister stood on the outside, hands crossed across his chest looking impatient or simply annoyed. Then Girardi went to confer with his GM Brian Cashman and MLB’s Director of Umpire Administration Matt McKendry. He gestured in a frustrated manner.

“I think what matters most is that allowed the game to be completed,” Banister said. “The umpires made a decision based on the conditions of the field. There is obviously agitation on both sides, but they allowed the game to be completed.”