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We’ve had plenty of “sub regionals” in Salt Lake City over the years, but it’s been 29 years since a West Regional was played in Salt Lake (in 1983 it was played in Ogden). Besides the possibility of BYU making it or Kansas State, the other most likely teams to come to ESA are No. 1 seed Syracuse, No. 3 Pitt and No. 4 Vanderbilt. Not exactly glamour names in college basketball, compared to the likes of Kansas, Kentucky or Duke. Other teams that may make it to Salt Lake are mid majors Butler (No. 5), Xavier (No. 6), Gonzaga (No. 8) and UTEP (No. 12).

Getting four teams in the tournament is a big accomplishment for the Mountain West Conference, which has never had more Wholesale NCAA Jerseys
than three teams invited and last year felt snubbed with only two teams making it. Now the league needs to step forward. The MWC’s overall record in the tournament since its inception in 2000 is a meager 8 22 with just two teams making it as far as the Sweet 16 (Utah in 2005 and UNLV in 2007). If the league falls flat on its face, it will be the laughingstock of college basketball and it may be a long time before it gets multiple bids like this year.

You wonder how much difference tournament cheap ncaa basketball jerseys games, particularly Saturday championship games matter when you see how San Diego State and UNLV’s seeds turned out. The Aztecs, who had a better RPI (18 vs. 48), beat the Rebels by 10 points on the Rebels’ homecourt, no less, but were given a No. 11 seed, compared to a No. 8 for UNLV. On the other hand, it might be a more favorable seed if the Aztecs can get past Tennessee and then likely be matched up against No. 3 Georgetown. If UNLV gets past Northern Iowa, it must play No. 1 Kansas.

There must have been a lot of hand wringing in Logan when the Aggies saw Florida, a bubble team that wasn’t in ESPN’s field of 65, getting a No. 10 seed early in the CBS broadcast. Utah State had to sweat it out more than a half hour before it was the 55th team announced. With a No. 12 seed, the Aggies have the lowest seed, along with UTEP, of the at large seeds The Ags have a tough matchup with the Aggies of Texas A the only team to win first round games each of the past four years and which beat BYU the last two years.

AT Stadium for basketball

The biggest surprise for some in Arlington on Saturday night wasn’t that two underdogs advanced to the NCAA men’s Cheap NCAA Jerseys
basketball championship. The shocking discovery was about the size of AT Stadium and the view from the cheap seats. “Of course, nothing says college hoops like 80K and names like Meredith, Lilly, Staubach, Dorsett ringing the house,” he posted on Twitter.

Also, Juliet Macur of The New York Times wrote a thorough analysis of the super sizing of the Final Four.

Few would argue that football stadiums provide a less intimate tournament atmosphere than an NBA size arena or certainly a college fieldhouse. But that debate was settled long before AT Stadium.

The Final Four was last played at a traditional, 20,000 seat basketball venue in 1996, when the University of Kentucky celebrated a title on the floor of the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey.

And since the NCAA recently started placing the court in the center of the stadium floor, the crowds have been regularly 70,000 plus. The cavernous AT Stadium set a college basketball attendance record Saturday. But that crowd was just 4,023 more than Houston’s Reliant Stadium in 2011.

It also barely compares to the 2010 NBA All Star Game in Arlington and its crowd of 108,713.

But this discussion was simmering nearly a decade before Dallas Cowboys fans ever heard of an Arkansas oilman named Jerry Jones.

“Our No. 1 question is whether we can maintain the type of atmosphere we maintain in smaller arenas,” NCAA spokesman Dave Cawood told the Associated Press in 1982. “If we can maintain that atmosphere, we’ll return.”

At the time, March Madness was descending on the Superdome in New Orleans. They’ve returned four times since then, and the city is a finalist for a possible fifth.

“The reality is that you can get 80,000 people in to watch a game, and that’s pretty exciting,” said NCAA president Mark Emmert. “There may be people that like to be in a tighter arena, but not the 60,000 that wouldn’t be there.”