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BYU Cougars have had an impressive basketball program for a long time. They have had great teams, legendary coaches and great players. Great Success jersey cheap at the college level doesn’t always translate to Success jersey cheap at the pro level, however.

Although BYU has had 42 players drafted in either the ABA or the NBA, only 21 of them have ever played a regular season game.

Note: these rankings are based solely on what each player did while playing in the NBA, ABA or in one case, the BAA. What a player did in college was not taken into consideration.

Fredette was selected in the first round (10th overall) by the Milwaukee Bucks jersey cheap in the 2011 draft. After being drafted by the Bucks, Fredette got traded to the Sacramento Kings jersey cheap as part of an eight player three team trade.

Fredette has played three seasons in the NBA for the Kings and the Chicago Bulls jersey cheap.

Even though Fredette is playing a career low 11.3 minutes per game, 2013 14 has been the most impressive statistical season of his Young jersey cheap career. Fredette is averaging 5.9 points, 1.1 rebounds and 1.5 assists while shooting career highs of 47.5 percent from the floor and 49.3 percent from the 3 point line.

For his career, Fredette is averaging seven points,1.1 rebounds and 1.5 assists.

Eakins played in 767 games over 10 seasons for the Oakland Oaks, Washington Capitols, Virginia Squires, Utah Stars, New York Nets, Kansas City Kings, San Antonio Spurs jersey cheap jersey cheap and the Milwaukee Bucks jersey cheap.

His best seasons came as a member of the Virginia Squires. In 1972 73, Eakins averaged 15 points, 8.8 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.6 blocks. A year later, Eakins made his only All Star game while putting up 14.6 points, 9.6 rebounds and 2.8 assists.

For his career, Eakins averaged 10.8 points, 7.3 rebounds, 1.8 assists and one block a game.

Hutchins was selected in the first round (second overall) by the Tri Cities Blackhawks in the 1951 draft. He played in 437 games over seven seasons for the Milwaukee Hawks, Fort Wayne Pistons and the New York Knicks jersey cheap.

Hutchins was a dominant rebounder who finished in the top 10 in rebounding for three straight seasons. He was also a solid passer for a big man as well as a decent scorer. Hutchins played in four All Star games in a five year span. He finished fourth in MVP voting in 1955 56 and eighth in 1956 57.

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With the preseason already underway and the regular season only weeks down the road, it is the perfect time to project who the best shooting guards in the NBA will be for 2014 15. After a down year in 2013 14, this season should be a better one for the 2 guard spot for many reasons. Some good Young jersey cheap talent has started to develop, some players have found new teams with more opportunity to shine and one of the best players in recent memory is back on the floor and looking to regain his spot as the best shooting guard in the league.

Here is a look at who the best shooting guards in the league will be for 2014 15.

Note: the reason Gordon Hayward doesn’t make the list is because he will more than likely play much of the upcoming season at the small forward position.

15. Arron Afflalo, Denver Nuggets jersey cheap

The Suns saw enough in just 43 games to lock him up with a long term deal in the offseason and for good reason. He is an explosive Young jersey cheap guard with as much upside as any guard in the league. In his limited time with Phoenix in 2013 14, he showed the ability to score the ball, 17.7 points per game, get to the glass (4.7 rebounds per game and find the open man (5.5 assists). He is also a terrific defender because of his quickness. With a year under his belt with Jeff Hornacek, look for Bledsoe to continue to get better this time around.

Thompson isn’t the most well rounded player on the list, But he just may be the best pure shooter of the bunch. He has a smooth stroke from the outside (41.7 percent from 3 point range) and an excellent midrange game. After a solid season, he had a good summer as the main weapon coming off the bench for Mike Krzyzewski and Team USA. During that time, he showed that he is more than willing to take and make the big shot. With that added confidence, Thompson will have an even better season in 2014 15.

After playing four seasons with the Indiana Pacers jersey cheap where he showed a great deal of progress, Stephenson earned a big contract to play for the up and coming Charlotte Hornets jersey cheap. With more chances to thrive offensively and some nice pieces surrounding him (namely Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker), look for Stephenson to have his best season by far on offense to go along with some outstanding defense.

Harden has one of the most effective offensive games of any player in the NBA. He has nice outside touch, can take even the best defenders off the dribble and draws an unreal amount of fouls (665 free throw attempts in 73 games in 2013 14) because of his creativity. Even with a next level offensive game, the reason he doesn’t land at the No. 1 spot is because he struggles on the defensive side of the floor. Neither of those things will change this year as the Rockets will try to make it out of the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

Bryant appeared in only six games in 2013 14 and finished with just 13.8 points, 6.3 assists, 4.3 rebounds and 5.7 turnovers a night Cheap Jerseys
before his season ended in December. Don’t expect him to repeat that kind of output now that he is healthy. The 16 time all star has far too much drive and determination to let that happen. While he may not return to the form he had two years ago (27.3 points, 6 assists and 5.6 rebounds in 78 games), he will still put up great numbers as the Lakers try to rebound from a very tough year.

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Here are some highlights.

Do you think the Mavs could trade up in the draft? And if they did what would they have to give up?

Sefko: “Anything is possible. But those teams at the top two spots, whoever they end up being, aren’t going to be giving those picks away, even if they already have a great point guard (most of them don’t). If the Mavericks dangled No. 9 and Wesley Matthews, I don’t think that’s going to get the attention of anybody drafting in the top five. Now if it’s Harrison Barnes, then you’d feel the love. But that’s a steep price.”

What would you do: draft the best available player or a need that you have at pick No. 9?

Sefko: “Neither. I’d trade the pick and whatever asset you have to that isn’t named Harrison Barnes in order to find an NBA proven point guard like Ricky Rubio or Kemba Walker or whoever. Unless you’re ready to end Dirk Nowitzki’s career on two consecutive trips to the lottery, it makes sense. But if they do keep the pick, I’d take the best available talent with upside. If that happens to be a point guard like Frank Ntilikina, great. If not, the search for help at the point will continue.”

If the Mavs do end up drafting a point guard do you think he’d be the starter right away? Isn’t Rick pretty tough on guards? I could see them starting Devin Harris and bringing in a Young jersey cheap PG off the bench at least to start the season

Sefko: “If they get their point guard at No. 9, he won’t be starting. If he is, then something has gone very haywire. It would probably be Ntilikina or Dennis Smith jersey cheap and I doubt either of them would survive as a starting point guard as a rookie. Don’t think either of them are on a level of, say, Emanuel Mudiay, and he’s had trouble getting his career off the ground.”

I saw where Lonzo Ball is getting Cheap Jerseys from China
passed over for shoe deals. Do you think his outspoken father could cost him in the draft and he fall to Dallas’ range?

Sefko: “He will not fall to Dallas’ range, unless the Mavericks get lucky in the lottery and their range is second or third. NBA teams aren’t that worried about the renegade father. They can handle that sort of thing pretty well, generally speaking. If the Mavericks could get him, they’d take Lonzo in a heartbeat no matter the baggage.”

What is the worst draft blunder in Mavericks history?

Sefko: “Good grief. What’s the worst of the worst? You might as well ask what the worst snake bite would be. They’re all bad. OK, maybe not all of them. But there’s a lot of bad ones. If you want me to pick one, I’d start with Bill Garnett, who was No. 4 back in the early ’80s. Then I’d go with Randy White jersey cheap, Doug Smith, Cherokee Parks and, just for good measure and to give the current generation some discredit, throw in Mo Ager and Shane Larkin, even though he technically wasn’t a Mavericks pick. They traded their pick, Kelly Olynyk for Larkin on draft night. Double ugh.”

After Dirk, who would you say is the best pick in Mavs history?

Sefko: “Well, though he didn’t play a lot of his career in Dallas, it’s probably Jason Kidd. After that, maybe Mark Aguirre, Rolando Blackman and Derek Harper.”

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Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki. And maybe Tim Duncan.

That’s your trifecta of tenure, your lords of loyalty in the NBA.

When Nowitzki agreed to a two year contract to stay with the Mavericks on Tuesday, he set himself up to play for 20 years with the same franchise. Chinese Wholesale Jerseys
Bryant just rode into retirement after his 20th season with the Los Angeles Lakers jersey cheap. Duncan is weighing a 20th season coming up with San Antonio.

For Nowitzki, it was never a matter of whether he was going to abandon Dallas. He wasn’t.

He wants a chance to win. And if owner Mark Cuban showed him a trace of that similar competitive fire, Nowitzki was staying.

So he’s back with a golden parachute of a contract two years, roughly $40 million, two sources said.

Nowitzki, spending time in Europe, confirmed what everybody knew early Tuesday, telling a German reporter he was “definitely staying in Dallas.”

The only question was what paycheck he would be receiving, and while he’s getting a nice raise, he’s still giving the Mavericks a hometown discount.

If you’re on mobile, tap here to see the tweet.

Bryant made $55 million in his last two seasons and spent them with miserable teams in LA.

Cuban doesn’t want the same fate for Nowitzki. He is trying to put together a competitive roster this season, while at the same time getting the Mavericks Young jersey cheaper and trying to hold onto youthful pieces that will be part of a future core.

Plus, next summer is a whole new ballgame in free agency.

So Nowitzki has hope. He expects his final season(s) to be fun. That’s all he asks.

While Mavericks officials would not comment on the record, it was clear that there was a collective sigh of relief at American Airlines Center, where minicamp opened for players on the Las Vegas Summer League team.

Justin Anderson jersey cheap, the promising second year wing man, is one of those participating on the summer squad. His stall is right next to Nowitzki’s in the Mavericks’ locker room. He said he’s both pleased and impressed that Nowitzki is sticking around.

“The loyalty he has to this city, it doesn’t go unnoticed,” Anderson jersey cheap said. “This is the program that brought him in. And this is the program he’s going to leave with.

“I would have missed him [if he’d left]. I would have been really angry at him, actually. Now, I get my locker buddy back and I get to keep calling him ‘6’ until he gets up to No. 5.”

That would be a reference to Nowitzki’s status as the sixth leading scorer in NBA history. Wednesday.

The same goes for Deron Williams, Dwight Powell, Harrison Barnes and Seth Curry, all of whom have agreed to free agent deals.

In addition, the Mavericks expect to quickly finalize the trade for center Andrew Bogut soon after the moratorium on transactions is lifted.

Nowitzki is coming off a season in which he was the Mavericks’ leading scorer at 18.3 points per game. He is likely to be joined in the Mavericks’ starting lineup by Bogut, Harrison Barnes, Wesley Matthews and Williams.

The goal remains for Cuban, president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson and coach Rick Carlisle to find another player to replace Nowitzki as the Mavericks’ top scorer.