What next for Jimmer Fredette jerseys design

Yes, that team was actually assembled. No wonder the NBA wanted the owners of the Kings the Maloof brothers to sell so badly. They were the main reason Fredette was drafted to the Kings in 2011. The team was losing money and the most popular name with the biggest following in college sports was available. So the Maloofs went for jersey and ticket sales over who their scouts and management wanted. Klay Thompson or Kawhi Leonard both were available. The Maloofs plan worked for a while since they had to have two full time employees working on his jersey sales because the demand was so great.

He hit the free agent market in the summer of 2014 and took a one year deal for the league minimum with the . The Pelicans could have been the only offer Fredette received. Fans hoped this was the place he finally would get a chance to show what he could do. The opportunity was there for the taking when Jrue Holiday went down with an injury. Surprisingly, not only did Fredette’s defense keep him out of rotation, but his 3 point shot failed him too, shooting a lousy 18.8 percent.

According to ESPN real plus minus, Fredette is “the worst defender in the entire NBA, 5.6 points per 100 possessions worse than an average player. He can stay in front of anyone, and has a tough time contesting shots.” Matty Robinson of SB Nation who covers the Pelicans said, “Due to a lack of quickness Jimmer wasn’t able to keep players out of the lane and thus opposing point guards ran circles around him. When he was moved off the ball, physicality became an issue as he was too small to stay with nearly every wing in the NBA.”

The run Phil Jackson’s triangle. The Knicks could use Fredette to play the John Paxson/Steve Kerr role in that system. They also really need something to get their fan base more excited, and Fredette is part New Yorker, growing up in Glen Falls, New York. Their roster isn’t loaded with a top quality point guard, and depending on how the draft breaks, the Knicks may not get one, so playing time will be easier to come by. This might be his best and only hope, but being coached by Derek Fisher and sharing Chinese Wholesale Jerseys
the floor but not the ball with Carmelo Anthony probably isn’t an ideal situation for helping Fredette prove he can have a career in the NBA.

His other hometown team the , where Jimmermania is alive and well, could consider adding Fredette. The Jazz need more shooting, something Fredette would bring. Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey has preached defense since his arrival, so adding arguably the worst defender in the league doesn’t seem like something he would do. If the Jazz wanted to add extra excitement to their youth program, they could sign Fredette to a cheap deal and make him the official Junior Jazz player who road trips around visiting Junior Jazz teams. Imagine Fredette walking into Provo High School during a visit; he may never make it out alive due to the rioting “basketball moms” fighting for a picture with their kid and a lock of Fredette’s hair.

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