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Corbett Smith answered recruiting questions in a chat Tuesday. Here are some highliights.

Question: How will ad miller work out for OU?

Corbett Smith: To be honest, I didn’t know that’s where he ended up. I knew he’d decommitted from Illinois, disappointing former colleague and Illini grad David Just to be certain. Physically, he’s certainly one of the most college ready looking kids in DFW.

Question: Why do you think some guys switch in the final week? Is there some nefarious stuff going on here?

Corbett Smith: Talked with a HS coach about this today. There’s a lot of reasons why, but I think the biggest one is that for HS football, recruiting boils down to a single day. It’s not like Wholesale MLB Jerseys
basketball, where the process is more dispersed. The idea of a single signing day creates a horse trading aspect in the final weeks/days. College coaches are justifiably jockeying for players to the last minute. Their jobs depend on it.

Question: What are the biggest surprise commitment changes you’ve seen since Christmas?

Corbett Smith: I was surprised about Jamile Johnson moving away from his Texas commit, to be sure. It’s not often that UT loses many kids, especially to Texas Tech or a program of that kind.

Question: How Success jersey cheapful in general has hiring high school coaches to become recruiters (in essence) been? Is there one obvious Success jersey cheap story?

Corbett Smith: Look no further than the Dallas area for a big Success jersey cheap story. David Beaty went from North Dallas and Irving Mac to the college ranks. He was considered one of, if not the best recruiter of the DFW area while at A and just got hired as the HC at Kansas. He took with him Kenny Perry former Arlington Bowie coach who did a great job recruiting at TCU as his defensive coordinator.

Question: Everyone says Kyler Murray is a first round pick by MLB; A has lost recruits to baseball before. But how high? My guess is that’s going to be the biggest variable. If he goes early, that’s a lot of money to pass for a college QB spot that you could conceivably go back to if pro baseball doesn’t work out. There’s a pretty rich history of that in college FB.

Question: Who do you think Joey McGuire will commit to on Signing Day?

Corbett Smith: On signing day, McGuire is committed to getting his seniors a spot on a college team if they want to play football at the next level. After that, all bets are off.

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When details of the new baseball collective bargaining agreement started to leak out Wednesday night, one aspect, in particular, caught the eye of Rangers GM Jon Daniels.

It was the flattening out of bonus pools for International Scouting, putting all teams, more or less, on a level playing field there. There will be no international draft, but there also won’t be a huge difference between what the team with the worst record in the majors gets to spend on Young jersey cheap Latin talent and the best.

Or, at the very least, it’s more of a competitive balance. Over the four years of the slotted bonus pool system, the Rangers’ average pool has been about $2.5 million less than the team with the highest pool. According to multiple reports, the new system will have three tiers based on team revenues with bonus pools of $5.75 million; $5.25 million and $4.75 million. They are likely to fall right on the line between the teams with the highest revenues and middle tier. Either way, there won’t be more than $1 million between what they have to spend and what their competitors have.

“We view that as a positive development,” Daniels said. “The bottom line is that before it was a huge advantage to have a lesser record when it comes to the amateur market. I don’t know if you want to call it incentive to lose, but it was, I think, one of the unintended consequences.

“This would put it back more into the hands of the evaluators the scouts and the analysts. We feel very confident that we have some of the best evaluators in the game. You take away the financial advantages and the strategy that goes with it and it puts people back to more equal footing about making the best baseball decisions. That’s an area where we thrive.”

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Under Daniels, the Rangers have mined Latin America, signing Martin Perez jersey cheap, Jurickson Profar jersey cheap, Rougned Odor jersey cheap and Nomar Mazara jersey cheap to name a few major leaguers. The next wave of Rangers talent is loaded with Latin American talent including Leody Taveras, who might be the best prospect in the system, Andy Ibanez, Ariel Jurado and Yohander Mendez jersey cheap.

Over the years, the Rangers have been hit hard on their Young jersey cheap Latin players in trade talks and they’ve held on to them like gold. It has started to pay off in the majors.

The new CBA gives the Rangers more opportunity to keep the pipeline flowing with fewer restrictions.

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ESPN insider Buster Olney doesn’t think so, on a number of levels.

Why was Rangers’ reliever Matt Bush, whose pitch to Bautista’s ribs set in motion the events that led to the brawl, not suspended or exonerated entirely?

Olney writes: Either Bush threw at Bautista with intent or he didn’t. If MLB determined that he didn’t, then he shouldn’t get any penalty for hitting Bautista any more than any of the hundreds of other pitchers who will inadvertently hit a batter with a pitch in 2016. If MLB officials determined that Bush threw at Bautista on purpose, he should be subject to at least the same level of suspension that Jesse Chavez jersey cheap got. To give Bush merely a fine is a cop out, a search for a middle ground that really doesn’t exist. (And by the way: I haven’t spoken to a single player or team official who believes Bush’s fastball was an Innocent jersey cheap mistake.)

Why was Texas’ Wholesale Jerseys
Elvis Andrus jersey cheap suspended for a game when Toronto’s Kevin Pillar jersey cheap and Josh Donaldson jersey cheap were not?

Olney writes: Andrus turned and threw a punch that missed, so it’s not really a surprise that he was sanctioned. But if a primary question is about who escalated the brawl and who did not, then Pillar and Donaldson, like Andrus, were in supporting roles, both of them flying into the mix, aiming for Odor; Pillar went in with arms flailing, and Donaldson took Odor to the ground.

How did Bautista get just one game?

Olney writes: He really did nothing out of bounds through his slide into second base, which was clearly aimed to send a message but not to injure, as Bautista said. He didn’t sweep the leg as he went into Odor, and didn’t go into a roll block. Bautista was angry that Bush hit him with a fastball and wanted the Rangers to know it. But Bautista also had the opportunity, after his slide through second base, to pop up and run off the field to the visitors dugout on the third base side. He didn’t do this. Rather, he turned, glared at Odor and moved toward him, a choice that was a domino in setting off the brawl. If Bautista gets up and runs off the field, it would’ve been over.

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OAKLAND, Calif. After Wholesale Jerseys China
they’d finished things off, donned the MLB licensed gear (free of any controversy causing Dallas skyline silhouettes) and jumped around a bit, the Rangers headed up to their cramped clubhouse in the AL West and started the chant.

“Champ! Champ! Champ!”

Fielder, whose career was ended this summer by a second surgery to fuse herniated discs in his neck, stood surrounded by teammates toasting him for his role and his career. He had been calling everybody “Champ,” all season. The Rangers turned the tables on him Friday.

“These are my guys,” Fielder said, standing a bit off to the side as the champagne showers got a bit too raucous for a guy who recently had neck surgery. “When they do something good, it makes me feel good. The whole thing made me feel good. They’ve done an amazing job.”

Though unable to play, Fielder joined the team earlier in the week, then made the trip to Oakland in anticipation of the clinch. He will be with the team throughout the playoffs.

Fielder was not the only team member to get special treatment during the post game celebrations. Matt Bush and Jeremy Jeffress jersey cheap, recovering alcoholics, were given a ginger ale toast before any partying ensued. It is a tradition the Rangers began for Josh Hamilton jersey cheap in 2010. Bush and Jeffress left the clubhouse after they were toasted.

For so many in the clubhouse, it didn’t matter if they were singled out in a toast or not; this season has offered a special sense of renewal.

Jonathan Lucroy jersey cheap, acquired at the trade deadline, said he couldn’t imagine such a celebration when he went to spring training with Milwaukee.

“It’s a very, very good feeling,” said Lucroy. “To go from where we were to this, I’m just very fortunate to be here.”

For Carlos Gomez jersey cheap, who was released by Houston on August 18, it was a magical moment. Gomez began the Rangers’ three run, seventh inning rally with an infield single off Kendall Graveman jersey cheap. He was the first Ranger to reach base. He also scored the first run.

“To think 27 days ago, I was released,” Gomez said. “To me, this is a blessing. That they saw something in me and gave me the opportunity means so much.”

Rangers postseason update: Standings, scheduleInside the celebration after the Rangers’ AL West clinching win.