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MEXICO City Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban, in response to assertions by the NBA’s referee union Wholesale Jerseys China
that he tries to intimidate and control game officials and that the league doesn’t police him enough, said he has no intentions of changing his ways of trying to bring change to a system that he believes desperately needs it.

“Nothing’s changed,” Cuban said before the Mavericks’ game Thursday night in Mexico City against Phoenix.

Byron Spruell is the NBA’s new president of league operations and he oversees the referees. The story claimed that the union was concerned about a lengthy pattern of documented violations by Cuban, saying he exerted “undue influence of the league’s management of its officials . We consider the threat to the integrity of NBA basketball presented by Mr. Cuban’s misconduct to be real and growing.”

Cuban said this is nothing new and that he remains steadfast in wanting to make NBA officiating better.

“It’s more politics because there’s a new guy coming in,” Cuban said. “I’ve never said favor the Mavs. I just want to make things better.”

To that end, he will continue offering any and all suggestions he can think of to reform the management of the refs.

“Why would I change?” Cuban said. “If we get to the point where, oh my god, officiating is great and the management is phenomenal, then there’s nothing you can say. Officials miss calls. That’s not the issue. We just need to keep working at it.”

The league, of course, has denied that Cuban has any sort of influence on officiating or how the referees are managed at the league level.

As Cuban said, if he had influence over the refs, it would mean they can be influenced. And that obviously should never happen.

The Yahoo story, written by Adrian Wojnarowski, specifically cited a memo in which “In letters to . the union, Spruell rejected the idea that Cuban holds any undue influence over employment decisions on officials.”

Cuban has long been critical of the league’s officiating, piling up more than $1 million in fines through the years. And he’s displayed his displeasure a number of ways. In January 2014, Cuban was fined $100,000 “for confronting the game officials on the court after the conclusion” of a loss to the Los Angeles Clippers jersey cheap.

Last March, Cuban declined to say whether he was fined for pointed tweets about the officiating in a loss at Golden State, though it would appear he was fined after reading between his lines.

“Every time I’ve ever gotten fined, I knew it was going to happen,” Cuban said then. “Except for maybe when they fined me for sitting on the floor in Minnesota my first year: Conduct unbecoming an owner.”

According to Wojnarowski, Seham has portrayed a league office that is unable to control Cuban via several internal and external memos, raising fears that others may be encouraged to disregard league rules because of the owner’s reported behavior.

“To suggest I have influence is to suggest that the NBA officials can be influenced,” Cuban told The Vertical in a lengthy email. “If an official can be influenced by pressure from anyone, they should not be in the NBA. I don’t believe they can be influenced.”

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The bad news for the Mavericks from the blockbuster deal that shipped DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans is that they play the Kings only one more time this season at Sacramento on April 4.

If they had three more meetings with the league’s newest worst team and that’s covering some ground they might have a fighting chance at climbing up the Western Conference standings.

It’s time to give up the pipe dream of chasing the playoffs which, by the way, Mark Cuban and his management team probably did weeks ago. Keep playing the Young jersey cheaper talent as much as you can without insulting your proud veterans, because this really has turned into “one of those seasons.”

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that the Mavericks didn’t get out of the batter’s box, much less to first base, when it came to flirtations about Cousins. As immense as his talent is, sometimes other considerations jump out.

An NBA general manager from back in the ’90s once told me that talent trumps everything in the league. If Jack the Ripper could get him 20 and 10 every night, the GM said, he’d be in uniform today.

That’s not necessarily the standard operating procedure with the Mavericks, who made inquiries about the Cousins situation over the past couple of weeks.

No tires go unkicked in this league.

“We talked to them,” owner Mark Cuban said. “When we did, they told us they weren’t trading him.”

Cousins would have been a huge gamble and let’s be frank, the Mavericks probably didn’t possess the assets the Kings would have wanted unless Harrison Barnes was involved with other Young jersey cheap players and picks.

When the Kings came through Dallas in early December and destroyed the Mavericks, Cousins had 24 points, 14 rebounds, seven assists, three blocks and hit both of his 3 pointers. The Kings won by 31.

The Kings Wholesale Jerseys
finally decided Cousins was more trouble than he’s worth. Cousins is one of the rare NBA players who has been suspended for having too many technical fouls. He’s a hothead, and his presence in the locker room would require periodic massaging.

Asked if he would like Cousins a lot better in a Mavericks’ uniform, he said: “No thanks. More trouble than he’s worth.”

That’s what the Kings finally decided.

Yes, Rick Carlisle probably could have made it work. The Mavericks don’t have any real head cases in the locker room right now. You can handle one knucklehead, as the saying goes. Any more than that and it’s like putting too many jalapeos in the recipe. And Cousins is one of the rare NBA players who has been suspended for having too many technical fouls. He’s a hothead. And his presence in the locker room would require periodic massaging.

Meanwhile, the Mavericks are lottery bound. They will see Cousins and the Pelicans on Saturday at American Airlines Center. New Orleans, one half game ahead of the Mavericks at 11th in the West, suddenly is the favorite to pick off the eighth spot. Denver, currently eighth, also will remain in the running.

The Mavericks? They are three games behind Denver. They also trail the Pelicans, Kings and Blazers. That’s too many teams to leapfrog, especially when two of them have added nice pieces (Cousins to the Pels, Mason Plumlee to the Nuggets).

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Satnam Singh is maybe least recognizable face in sports that is the face of the biggest population of human beings. As it currently stands, Singh is just a second round draft pick of an NBA team that is on the cusp of missing the playoffs.

Not only is he not on the Mavericks roster, he’s barely cracking playing time on their Developmental League team, the Texas Legends. However, as a recent article from ESPN illustrated, he’s a player that is progressing towards breaking out in the NBA.

[Head coach Bob] MacKinnon knows Singh wants to play but stresses that development comes in small increments and points out that Singh has moved up on the team’s depth chart. Less than two years removed from a postgraduate season at IMG, he’s competing alongside and against former NBA players and many others on the cusp of moving up to the NBA. It’s too early to be concerned about statistics.

“Our league is hard,” MacKinnon said matter of factly. “Our league is the second best league in the world.”

Instead, Singh’s opportunities come in practice. He’s being asked to focus on rebounding, getting up and down the court and being more active on defense. MacKinnon and assistant coach, Zendon Hamilton, both in their first season with the Legends, said they have seen significant progress from Singh.

MacKinnon also said that the pressure Singh faces being the dominant homegrown basketball figure of the world’s second most populous nation, India, is not normal. It’s pressure that Singh himself also feels.

“My goal is to make basketball more popular,” Singh said. “I think I’ve opened the gate for Indian kids. The gate is open, but they need to work hard. Wholesale Jerseys
I know it’s a lot of pressure. I just think about what I need to do. I need to focus on my game for my career, for my life, for my family, for my fans, for my country.”

Singh’s slow rise has helped him reach a level of celebrity status, which cheap basketball jerseys resulted in him being invited to participate in a professional wrestling workout at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida in January. However, despite his involvement with WWE, he made it clear where his priorities are.

“I’m here because of basketball,” Singh said. “I don’t want to lose my basketball. [WWE] is a huge opportunity, but I need to focus on basketball.”

His focus on basketball is also something that has drawn rave reviews, and he credits it to his upbringing with his father. Singh has big plans for his future, hoping to play in the Summer League for the Mavericks and then join India’s national team for the first time since 2013.

“He’s in a minority of how hard he works compared to anyone else,” said John Mahoney, who coached Singh at both the varsity and postgrad levels at IMG. “We’ve had pros come in here, but I haven’t seen anyone work like he does. Just tremendous work ethic.”

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Let Pope tell the story: “It was a beautiful experience. Who gets to be fired by Larry Bird after getting to know him so well? It’s a real treasure for me now. We had developed a great relationship. I was living and dying with every moment to stay alive. I had made it through training camp. And then your childhood hero fires you. He was emotional, teary eyed, and so was I. I figure I can’t start crying in front of Larry Bird, so I stood up half way through (Bird’s talk), shook his hand and said thank you very much.”

He went to training camp with the Bucks the following season, with ruptured discs in his back. He kept the injury a secret, knowing it would send him back to the CBA or the chocolate factory. Pope actually failed the Wholesale NBA Jerseys
team physical, but Karl didn’t tell him for a year. The coach explained that he had just wanted to help Pope earn some walking money before cutting him, but he kept putting it off. The day of final cuts, Pope was amazed he was still employed. He was watching the clock, and when five o’clock came and went no one had told him if he wasn’t on the team.

He started the season on injured reserve, and then the Bucks’ starting power forward cheap basketball jerseys, Darvin Ham, broke his leg. “The next day Coach is talking to the team, and he’s talking like I’m going to start,” recalls Pope. “I have no idea if I’m on IR. So he puts out the starting unit and sure enough he’s got me out there. As we go through the game plan, I see we are not doubling the post. I’m going to start against Kevin Garnett and Coach is not bringing help. It was sheer terror. Kevin had a terrible game. I think he was just annoyed because he was being guarded by a no name guy. He got upset at me. In the third quarter he hit a couple of shots and starts cussing at me, ‘You can’t guard me!’ and gets T’d. For a fan it was awesome.”

In Pope’s second year with the Nuggets, coach Jeff Bzdelik was fired after 24 games and was replaced by assistant Michael Cooper on an interim basis. Cooper waived Pope. Thinking his pro career was finished, Pope and his wife drove to Iowa to visit family. On the return trip, driving through Nebraska, he received a call from his agent telling him that Karl his old coach in Milwaukee who had cut him a year earlier not only had been hired as the Nuggets coach, but he wanted Pope back on the roster immediately. A day later he was in uniform in Atlanta after taking a red eye flight and by the second quarter he was inserted into the game.

He settled on medicine. While earning an English degree at Kentucky, he had taken no science classes, which were prerequisites for med school. So during his NBA career he took science classes. When he was with the Bucks, he took classes at Marquette. When he was with the Knicks, he took classes at NYU and Columbia. When he was with the Nuggets, he took classes at the University of Colorado. He missed a lot of class time because of his NBA job, but his professors accommodated him and Pope compensated by reading every word of his textbooks.